CoKitchen (FoodCourt) ⚡️ - Virtual Restaurants & Stores for Africa

Good food, snacks, liquor & essentials delivered in a single order!

Hello YC fam,

This is Henry & Paul from CoKitchen!

We are building the future of on-demand delivery in Africa with Virtual Restaurants & Dark Stores.

📲 FoodCourt App
The FoodCourt app lets people order from a curation of virtual restaurant brands & shops focused on the most popular food & convenience categories wherever you are in Africa. With FoodCourt, you don’t have to decide between burgers, traditional Nigerian food, Chinese food or even liquor & snacks. You can order across brands & have everything delivered in a single order!

❎ The Problem
Despite the rise of aggregator food delivery apps across Africa, traditional restaurants still find it hard to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour & keep up with the growing demand for on-demand delivery services. This has led to a poor experience for online food delivery users on the continent.

✅ Our Solution
We’ve built a full-stack model where we control different areas of the value chain such as the technology, food production & delivery to give users a seamless & consistent experience.

  1. Order on the FoodCourt app - a curation of good food & convenience goods with our unique & easy to use multi-brand ordering experience.
  2. Order gets prepared in our multi-brand delivery hub - Fully optimised for delivery efficiency.
  3. Delivered quickly by our connected last-mile partners - stationed at the delivery hub.

❤️ Feedback
150+ User Stories - Instagram highlights

📈 Milestones & Fun Facts
Since our launch 11 months ago…
250,000+ meals delivered
$500k+ all-time sales
$110k+ sales in June
2,650+ monthly active users (67%+ order between 2 - 50+ times a month)
Every day in the last 150+ days, we’ve seen 35 - 45 people order 2 - 5 times daily.
100% cashless (52%+ of transactions from saved cards)

🌍 The Market - Africa

Population: 1.37B+
Internet users: 590m+
Median age: 18yrs (wired for convenience, massive room for growth)

⚡️ Our Mission

Building a future where good food & convenience goods are seamlessly accessible in a few clicks for Africans.

🤝 Ask

Try us out - If you are in Lagos, Nigeria (the island), give us a try, we’d love to hear your feedback! » Get the app «

Talk to us - Interested in working, learning more or partnering with us? Email **henry@cokitchen.ng **or visit www.getfoodcourt.com

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