🔑 Derisk: key management software for web3 businesses

Secure your crypto assets with MPC cryptography

TLDR: if you or your customers store important private keys for web3 (or you know someone who does), email us at founders@getderisked.com

Hey! We’re Agni and Allison. We’re the co-founders of Derisk, which makes it secure, fast and flexible for web3 companies to manage their digital assets.

What’s the problem?

Web3 businesses face anxiety when securing, storing, or moving crypto assets.

How are we solving it?

We’re building custody software for web3 businesses to securely manage their keys by leveraging an innovative cryptographic protocol called Multi Party Computation  (Allison’s Notion on the subject)

Why solve this now?

Because of two tailwinds:

  1. Regulatory: money transmitter licenses required for web3 businesses who custody users keys
  2. PR: Celcius network fiasco driving an increase in “not your keys not your crypto” understanding by users

Who are the founders?

We met during our first day at Facebook. We built Multi Party Computation (MPC) custody for the Novi/Libra wallet. Unfortunately, the plug got pulled on that project due to regulatory and PR hurdles, so we’re taking our experience there and building custody for web3 businesses.