PayO - accounting and payment app for wholesalers and distributors in India

We help businesses to simplify their invoicing, payment collection and inventory management

Hi, we are Ashish and Pratik, founders of PayO. We are on a mission to help businesses to manage their finance better and collect payments faster. Check out the PayO app here.

What is the Problem?

In India, B2B wholesalers and distributors with annual revenue of $100k - $1Mn still manage their finances on pen-paper.  They send paper invoices to customers, manage receivables in notebooks, and have to do multiple follow-ups with their customers to collect payments. They even have to send a staff member to their customer’s location- in order for them to collect a bank check for the payment on invoices.

Existing solutions require businesses to be tech-savvy, signup with a payment gateway, and cannot be used on a smartphone.

Our Solution

PayO is an app that allows businesses to manage invoicing, payments and inventory. The app can also send payment reminders and links via any messaging channel like Whatsapp or SMS.  Businesses can even set automated payment reminders to their customers on the due date of the invoices. This saves countless hours, effort, and money spent on payment collections.

For example, a pharmacy wholesaler who sells to hundreds of retailers uses PayO to send invoices and collect payments.

How it works

Businesses can get started simply by signing up on PayO with their mobile number. Once they’ve added their business details, they can create invoices, and share payment links with their customers. Further, they can manage their inventory. In addition, businesses can set automated payment reminders to be sent to their customers when the invoices are overdue. Users can track live payment statuses of their invoices and get money in their bank accounts faster than ever before.

Our Ask

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Founders Backstory

Ashish and Pratik are engineering graduates and Ashish graduated from IIT Delhi. They previously worked for 3-5 years at Goldman Sachs in New York where they worked on algorithmic trading. Both of them have previously founded startups independently prior to PayO.