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Empower your decision-makers with 85.7x faster - accurate - insights while saving 97% of technical time


Findly.ai is the co-pilot for Business Intelligence that revolutionizes how businesses understand and interact with their data. By creating an engaging chat environment, it empowers decision-makers to gain insights, request reports, and generate visualizations based on their company's metrics. This seamless interaction is made possible by integrating a metric layer that comprehends all your company's metrics. The chat-based exploration simplifies complex data analysis, allowing users to generate comprehensive summaries with a single click, which can be exported to various formats. Furthermore, with the introduction of scheduled chats and action-triggered automations, Findly.ai enhances the autonomy and efficiency of decision-makers. It's more than a tool; it's a decision-making operational system aiming to facilitate decision-makers in achieving their KPIs while spending less time waiting for data.

Hello everyone. We are the team behind Findly.ai, an AI chatbot revolutionizing how you understand and interact with your data. Our aim is to facilitate decision-makers in making insightful, data-driven decisions.

🧨 The Problem: Delayed Data Analysis

Non-data savvy users constantly require information, and data specialists, like developers and data analysts, are overwhelmed by data queries instead of focusing on enhancing the product. And even when reports and dashboards exist, these traditional data exploration methods have proven to be time-consuming and challenging to navigate.

πŸŽ‰ The Solution: Findly.ai

Findly.ai disrupts this paradigm by providing a conversational interface for your data. It's as if you're chatting with your business metrics, asking questions, requesting reports, and receiving visualizations that paint the complete picture of your internal business metrics.

Findly.ai expedites the process of data analysis by providing a single-click solution to generate a comprehensive written summary after your chat-based exploration. These summaries can be exported easily to document formats, emailed, sent to Slack, or even transformed into PowerPoint presentations.

But there's more to Findly.ai. It introduces the concept of scheduled chats - pre-programmed interactions that happen automatically over time. This means decision-makers can automatically receive written reports on their company's results without someone manually preparing and sending them. It's like having a personal data analyst working for you around the clock.

In addition, Findly.ai enables decision-makers to set up automated actions based on the results of these chats. For example, if your revenue sees a month-to-month increase of 20%, automation can be set up to create a Trello card for the revenue team to assess results further and uncover opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

πŸ’²Opportunity: A Paradigm Shift in Data Analysis

Findly.ai is redefining the data analysis landscape. By making data more accessible and interactive, it enables decision-makers to save time on complex data explorations and concentrate on strategic decision-making.

πŸ‘‹ Ask: Unleash Your Data's Potential

If you want to transform your decision-making process with quick access to data and automated insights, click here (https://findly.ai/join) to get started.