Jamble - The future of fashion resale

We’re creating a new way to buy and sell fashion with video & Live streaming

Hi there,

We’re Aymar, Jeremy and Louis and we’re excited to present Jamble!

Jamble is a secondhand fashion marketplace using the power of video & Live streaming.

✨ Why video & Live in secondhand fashion?

Secondhand clothing is a global phenomenon, growing 8x faster than the overall apparel market, and should overtake fast fashion by 2029.

However, C2C marketplaces have hardly been moving with the times. We want to leverage short-form video & Live streaming to create a new buyer & seller experience.

  • Live streaming is a game changer in secondhand fashion. Connecting with an audience in real time, answering all questions at once and selling to the highest bidder is the most effective way to move inventories - way more than managing static listings for months. It is also a unique compelling experience for the buyer.
  • Short videos have become one of the most powerful means for discovery in fashion. We developed a social Feed where our community can share inspiration, styling tips, outfits, etc. This is a place for users to find their next fashion ideas and creators to get known.

👋 Meet the Jamble Team

We’re 3 French founders 🇫🇷, we grew up in the same Parisian district and have a longstanding relationship together. We’re all experienced resellers - Aymar and Louis used to run an online vintage shop together while Jeremy is a crazy sneakerhead. We started in France in 2021 before relocating to the US.

📱How can I try Jamble out?

We launched a couple of month ago on iOS and you can download the App here 👉


☎️ Contact Us

Feel free to say hi!