Chowdeck - The easiest and fastest way to deliver food in Africa

Meet Chowdeck, the app that makes it easy for people in Africa to order food from their favourite restaurants


My name is Femi Aluko, CEO of Chowdeck, an on-demand food delivery service in Nigeria founded in collaboration with my two friends, Olumide Ojo (CTO) and Lanre Yusuf (COO).

Launched in October 2021, Chowdeck is Africa's easiest and fastest on-demand food delivery service. Our mission is to empower restaurants to deliver meals to customers anywhere and anytime.

Today, we serve customers in two major neighbourhoods in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and the most populous in Africa.

In the seven months since launch, we’ve achieved a record delivery time of under 30 minutes even as order volume increased from an average of 40 daily orders in January to an average of 650 daily orders in July. In addition, at least 88% of the 67 restaurants we partner with have recorded an increase in sales.

Africa’s biggest economic hub still doesn't have an efficient on-demand food delivery for restaurants. We’re on a mission to fix this, starting in Lagos and soon throughout Africa.


In the last six months, we’ve:

  • Done over 60,000 deliveries(did 17k in July)
  • processed over $500k in GMV($125k in July)
  • made $24k in monthly revenue in July
  • 3500+ active users (65% of whom have ordered more than once)

The Team

  • Femi Aluko, former Backend Principal Engineer at Paystack (acquired by Stripe for over $200m)
  • Olumide Ojo, former Frontend Principal Engineer at Paystack (acquired by Stripe for over $200m)
  • Lanre Yusuf, former Engineering Lead at Crown Interactive.


  • If you live or work around Ikeja or Yaba in Lagos Nigeria, kindly try us out ❤️
  • If you don’t live in Lagos or Nigeria, kindly follow us and support us on Twitter or Instagram. We’re building a community!
  • If you have some experience running operations for a delivery startup, please do reach out. We’d love to learn from you.