Array Labs

🛰️ Array Labs - 3D imaging from space

Array Labs is building satellites to create a real-time 3D map of Earth

Hi YC!

We’re Andrew and Isaac, the founders of Array Labs. We're designing swarms of tiny satellites which will work together to create the first real-time, high-resolution 3D model of the earth.

Our Solution

By using clusters of satellites to image the same place on the earth at the exact same time, we can improve image quality by more than 60x over conventional techniques.

The Market

There’s a huge need for accurate 3D data, but it’s always been extremely expensive to collect. Our technology will massively increase the amount of affordable, high-quality 3D data, enabling a host of new applications across an array of industries, including AR/XR/Autonomy, Defense, Climate/ESG, and Insurance Analytics.

We need help

We need all the help we can in finding talented engineers. We’re looking for a broad array of talent, including (but not limited to): Electronics Design, Software, and Mechanical/Aero. If you can think of anyone who might be a good fit, please have them reach out to:


Thank you!

Last and most importantly, thank you.

During our short time in YC, we’ve had so much to be grateful for. We’ve been so warmly welcomed by the community, and the level of support and encouragement has been stunning.

If there is ever anything we can do to return some of the goodwill, please let us know.

-Andrew and Isaac