🌟SolStar - Venmo for Discord - The easiest way to send crypto in a community

Our tech makes it easy, free, and secure to send crypto to your friends - no wallet required.

Hey YC community! 👋 We’re Ryan and Drew, and we’re building SolStar 🌟

SolStar builds easy-to-use crypto tools for Discord communities. Our first product, SolStar Tip Bot, is like Venmo for Discord: send crypto to your friends with just a few clicks.

The problem with crypto

Crypto is confusing and intimidating, with no clear entry point for beginners. To purchase crypto from scratch, a new user needs to:

  • Know what a crypto wallet is
  • Know where to sign up for one
  • Understand KYC and buy crypto on an exchange
  • Transfer from exchange to wallet
  • Manage to not lose their seed phrase

If these steps confuse you, you’re not alone. It’s even confusing to experts. This is ridiculous, and it leaves out 99.9% of internet users who aren’t heavy technical adopters.

SolStar makes crypto easy 🌟

SolStar makes it possible for anyone to use crypto—even your grandpa!

All you need to get started is a credit card. Skip the confusing steps above and dive in right away with a secure, approachable tool that makes crypto fun. You can add SolStar Tip Bot to your Discord, check your balance, and send a tip to a friend all within a few minutes.

When you use SolStar, you’ll get a secure custodial wallet and easy access to your balance on our site.

Another feature we’re excited about - you can now buy tokens directly in Discord! Make it easy to join your community - no crypto experience required.

As an added bonus, you can interact with our Ask an AI tool, which features various personalities, including Antagonistic Viking, Honorable Julius Caesar, or Confused Isaac Newton.

How It All Began ✨

We’re a couple of software engineers who love crypto and gaming. We’ve spent more all-nighters than we can count hanging out in Discord, and we’re big fans of how it’s a user-friendly space to build community.

We wanted crypto to be more accessible and fun. There’s no better way to onboard people to crypto than to create a simple way for them to start using it in their own communities.

We wished we had something like SolStar, so we built it ourselves.

How you can help 💗

  1. If you have a Discord Community, add SolStar for free: https://solstar.finance/tip-bot-invite
  2. If you belong to a Discord Community, tell your admin or community manager to check out SolStar: https://solstar.finance/tip-bot-invite
  3. Follow us on Twitter to see our dank memes @SolStarFinance
  4. We love feedback! Let us know what you think below or hit us up at founders@solstar.finance :)
  5. Join our Discord Community and stay updated on our latest features: https://discord.gg/gMyX7wRRUA
  6. If you care about making crypto more accessible, we’d appreciate the up-vote!