😎 Drip: BNPL for Brazil

Brazilians already pay 30% of their purchases in installments. With Drip, they now can do so without eating into their card limits and earning better rewards

Hey! We are Patrick, Bianca and Paulo. We are building Drip to solve problems we identified while working at Nubank.


  • Installment retail payments are huge in Brazil: $160B or 30% of all purchases
  • The way it works today severely affects people's purchasing power, so >40% of consumers are willing to switch providers for better limits
  • Drip offers an easy way to pay in installments while protecting credit limits and earning up to 10% cashback


  • Brazilians already pay 30% of their purchases in installments (compared to <0.5% in the US): $160B in annual TPV
  • The way credit cards allow for installment payments hurt people's purchasing power since it deducts the whole amount from people's limit upfront
  • 40% of cardholders state they'd switch providers for better credit limits


  • Drip is a separate credit line so installments don't affect credit card limits
  • Drip is even better than a credit card: more rewards (up to 10% cashback), faster and safer payment, capped late fees


  1. If you're from Brazil, try it out! Visit our website to view our list of partners and complete the checkout on their e-commerce 🔛
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