BizFirst: Accept Crypto Payments and run NFT-based loyalty programs on your Website/E-Commerce Store.

Web3 Payments & Loyalty Infrastructure

Hey folks!👋 We at Apollo have just launched our first product BizFirst!

We, as a team have previously built large-scale fintech products for SMBs in SEA & India. Having experienced many problems faced by SMBs with traditional payments & due to our involvement with Crypto/Blockchain from the very early days - We decided to build BizFirst

BizFirst helps online merchants to:

  1. Accept Crypto (USDC) Payments 💰
  2. Send & Receive USDC invoices 🧾
  3. Run an NFT-based Loyalty program i.e. Token-Gate, Offer Discounts for NFT collections & issue store-branded discount NFTs for your store. 🪄

Merchants love BizFirst because using BizFirst allows them to:

  1. Reduce up to 80% on the Transaction fee
  2. Get their money instantly (less than 5 secs vs 6-7 days)
  3. Go Global from Day 0 (No country-by-country setup, 0 Cross-border fee)
  4. Avoid Chargebacks (Crypto Payments are irreversible from Day 0)
  5. Attract & meaningfully engage customers (NFT-based loyalty programs)


  1. We’d also love Intros to solid product engineers & marketers to join us. (Open Roles)

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