DolarApp - the international dollar USDc account for people in México

The USDc wallet that lets you send, receive and pay in pesos or dollars - all from one account

Hello all! We are Zach, Alvaro and Fernando and we are proud to officially launch DolarApp - your international USDc account for Mexico, where you can

  • Get your Mexican account in Dollar USDc and save with 3% APY
  • Have your own US bank account details (ACH and Routing Number) and get paid without hassle
  • Receive 4% cashback when  you pay with your card locally and internationally - without hidden fees

Why did we build DolarApp?

The three of us have spent a lot of time in Latin America and made great friends there. Friends who, simply because of where they were born, see their financial freedom limited: hyperinflation, bans on saving in USD, nightmares trying to move money in/out of their country and crazy fees when paying with a card when traveling.

After spending a couple of years at Revolut, we learned that Fintech as we know it today is constrained by traditional financial systems, partners, and regulatory frameworks. We realized we could end those constraints by offering people in LatAm a better account for their everyday finances built on USDc, with focus on simplicity and away from typical crypto jargon and complexity.

Key benefits of DolarApp

With DolarApp, you will be able to:

  • 🇺🇸 Get US bank account details without a Social Security Number
  • 📥 Pay and get paid from local bank accounts, receiving / withdrawing USDc immediately
  • 💳 Get up to 4% cashback on your card payments
  • 🌎 Spend internationally without hassle, at the best exchange rate
  • 💲 Peg your money to the dollar
  • 📈 Earn 3% on your balance annually, paid out second by second

The ask

  • If you live in Mexico, join DolarApp here
  • If you have employees/family/friends in Mexico who could benefit of getting their own US account details to get paid in dollars or who travel often and would benefit from the best international USD card with up to 4% cashback, share DolarApp with them!