Proactively monitor marketplace conversations


Marketbase is how teams within fast growing marketplaces effortlessly monitor conversations to prevent platform leakage, identify problematic users, and increase trust & safety within their community.


One growth challenge for fast growing marketplaces (especially P2P ones) is keeping an eye on every conversation between merchants and customers (or host/guest or any other supply/demand). Since the standard marketplace business model is to take a commission on each transaction, any sale that occurs outside of the platform means lost revenue. This means marketplace operators are incentivized to monitor conversations between merchants and customers to ensure sales are not being coordinated off-platform (also known as ‘platform leakage’ or ‘disintermediation’).


Marketbase is a tool for fast growing marketplaces to proactively monitor conversations and identify repeat bad actors. We do this by processing all marketplace conversations through AI and keyword matching to auto-flag messages with intent for disintermediation or harassment for marketplace operators to review. We are also message platform agnostic. We have an API as well as no-code integrations for connecting popular messaging/marketplace platforms like TalkJS, SendBird, PubNub, Stream, or Sharetribe.

Our ask

We’re currently wrapping up a pilot program and have helped monitor over 100K messages across a dozen marketplaces. We’d love for you to give it a try or help spread the word.

  • If you are running a marketplace, we just opened up a new self-serve option (sign up from https://www.marketbase.app/) and we’d love to see if we can help your operations team.
  • If you are not running a marketplace, we’d love it if you share this the link with marketplace founders.