HUBUC Travel šŸ’³ : Virtual Credit cards for Business Travel bookings

Get upto šŸ’° 2% Cashback on Business Hotels, Airlines, Trains, Car rentals and Cruise payments

HUBUC Travel is a convenient and secure virtual payment solution for your business travel with unique advantages šŸ‘‡

šŸ’³ Issue a corporate virtual Mastercard ā†’ Create virtual credit cards and assign spending controls in real-time to manage all travel expenses

šŸ’µ Unlock new revenues ā†’ Get cashback on your corporate payments and pay back a minimum of 1% of your total spending.

šŸ¦ Protect your liquidity ā†’ Access enhanced credit lines through card payments to increase your monthly cash flow

šŸ’„ The Deal

The first 50 companies get a 100% discount for the first year!

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Complete the form indicating the company name and your batch šŸ‘‰ travel.hubuc.com

Convert expenses into earnings with up to 2% Cashback šŸ’°

Increase your margins

  • Optimize your operation by streamlining payments from your employees and travel suppliers

Eliminate currency fluctuation risk

  • Hold money in 38 different currencies and control your FX while optimizing cross-border fees.

Flexible financing that works for you

30-day credit without fees

  • Higher limits, no personal guarantees, and 24-hour approvals so you can focus on your business growth.

No need for additional software

  • Virtual cards integrate with your existing payment system and travel manager seamlessly.

Control Risk and Fraud on travel expenses šŸŽ«

Reduce and prevent the operational risk

  • Specify a particular period for card activation, payment limit, and currency, or add any other relevant information, such as booking reference

Empower your employees

  • Enable easier purchasing by giving every employee access to the funds they need while you can streamline the payment process.

šŸŒŽ Global Issuing: regardless of where you are based:

  1. If you are a YC founder or an employee
  2. You are spending money on business travel bookings (Hotels, Airlines, Trains, Car rentals)

For feedback or questions, please write us at founders@hubuc.com