Argonaut: Deploy apps and infra to your cloud in minutes

Setup production-ready infra, automated app deployments, and cost visibility on your cloud

🔥 TL;DR:

Argonaut is a single pane for engineering teams to automate app and infra deployments to your cloud accounts. Get started in minutes and save months of effort to:

  1. Provision AWS and GCP managed services like postgres, kafka, redis etc. with cost visibility
  2. Get Vercel-like app deployments from github or gitlab
  3. Deploy and manage any 3rd party self hosted app or managed service like grafana, datadog, hasura, ghost, rabbitmq, and more.

🧐 The problem with AWS, GCP

They’re a pain to work with.

  1. Engineering teams spend ~30% of their time managing infrastructure, environments, and CI/CD. This is time spent away from building user features.
  2. The necessary skills - that DevOps engineers, SREs, and platform engineers add - for setting up and managing infrastructure are expensive and hard to find.
  3. Cost visibility, and best practices such as observability and security are an afterthought, and not contextual.

🚀 The Argonaut solution

  1. Connect AWS / GCP account(s) and Github / Gitlab
  2. Pick cloud managed services to be deployed - like databases and queues
  3. Deploy applications: from git, self-host 3p apps (Hasura,Ghost, RabbitMQ), or integrate with managed 3p services (Datadog, Mongo)

Everything else is automatically configured. No more mucking around with kubernetes, terraform, and github actions. Engineering teams have complete control over these configurations and can collaborate using Argonaut.

🥳 Try us out

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  2. Join the community on slack. You can also book a time to chat with the founder here.