🦷 Rinse - Building the One Medical for dental

We make your in-office dental care easy, awesome, and way more effective

TL;DR: Rinse marries tech and hospitality to make routine mouth care easy, awesome, and way more effective. We’re just a few days away from opening our first location at 1763 Union St. San Francisco (map). You can now book instantly online or in the Rinse iOS app!

Hello 👋 I’m Casey, the founder of Rinse. I’m an engineer turned healthcare exec that spent 8 years leading product at Delta Dental, the world’s largest Dental insurance company.

The problem… Going to the dentist sucks 😩

Your typical dental office offers inconvenient hours, antiquated tech, and a vibe straight out of the 90s. Likewise, with little to no standard of care in dentistry, we can only hope we’ve found an honest dentist who will focus on preventing, even reversing disease, not succumb to the perverse incentives of an industry optimized for ‘drilling, filling, and billing’.

The result… 2 in 3 adults simply do not go to the dentist. A cycle of which leads to systemic oral health issues known to impact your overall health, confidence, and ultimately lead to costly (and painful) procedures we’d all rather avoid.

Rinse makes it easy to get great mouth care 🙌

We’re a technology enabled dental studio designed to make your routine mouth care easy, awesome, and way more effective!

Our Ask 🙏

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** quick blurb to copy & paste: A former Delta Dental exec recently launched the One Medical for dental in San Francisco. Check them out and contact founders@rinse.dental for more!