Littio šŸš€ Dollar banking for Latin America

Meet Littio - the dollar account for people in Latin America

Hello there!

This is Luis, Camilo, Chris and Ivan from Colombia šŸ‡ØšŸ‡“. We are happy to share that Littio is live!

šŸš€ Littio is a dollar bank tailored made for people in Latin America to fight devaluation.

Why we started this

300 million people in Latin America have no way of accessing basic financial services in U.S. dollars. We are financially cut off from the world. Access to dollar financial products is limited to the richest 1% and only them can effectively protect their money from hyper-devaluation.

Having lived this problem first hand for years, we want to fundamentally change the dynamics. People should have access to global financial services in dollars via technology.

Our Solution

A dollar bank account that works from an app on any smartphone. With Littio people can:

  • Open a free dollar bank account in less than 3 minutes šŸ’µ
  • Get a Mastercard debit card šŸ’³
  • Send and receive dollar payments šŸ’ø

We use USDC and traditional payment railways to power up this solution in a simple and easy experience for users.


If you live in Colombia šŸ‡ØšŸ‡“ and want a dollar account, download our app at Apple or Google.

If you live in any other country in LatAm, send us an email at founders@littio.co and we can set you up.