🚀 Middleware 📊 : A unified observability platform for cloud native, microservices and distributed apps

A real-time cloud-native observability platform to bring all metrics, logs, and traces in one unified timeline to debug issues faster.

Hey YC! 👋

I am super excited to launch Middleware—a real-time observability platform that brings all the metrics, logs, traces, and events into a single timeline so you can monitor your distributed apps and cloud native platforms in real time.

Problem with existing legacy products

Current observability solutions are built to monitor monolith architectures, not distributed and microservices. This results in the following problems:

  • Surface-level information makes it extremely hard to debug issues. 🧐
  • Costs 💵 to monitor everything in the infrastructure and applications are incredibly high.
  • All the data live in separate apps like logs, metrics, traces, and events and can’t correlate to causation.

Because cloud native produces more data than ever, it’s become more challenging to understand what’s happening inside applications and infrastructure. Unfortunately, the result often wastes engineering time tracking incidents, creates alert fatigue, and, yes, costs a fortune.

Why we founded Middleware

I faced this problem when building my last startup. While building out the backend, it was challenging to monitor microservices and Kubernetes, as there was no all-inclusive cloud monitoring tool available.

My few early engineers from Splunk and Newrelic faced this problem as well. After speaking to engineering and IT leaders at several other companies—and they were facing the same problem—we started to work on Middleware full-time.

Our solution to cloud native observability

Middleware is a real-time observability platform for cloud-native, microservices, and distributed apps that brings all the metrics, logs, traces, and events to a single timeline. This empowers dev and ops teams to find and debug issues faster.

Additionally, our AI-powered algorithms collect and analyze data from across your entire infrastructure to spot signs of potential problems before they even occur.

Middleware offers a wide range of observability from infrastructure monitoring, logs monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), synthetic monitoring, database monitoring, and real-time alerting solution with cost-effective prices.

What our customers say about us!

Cliff from Puresend - "We migrated from Datadog to Middleware because we absolutely love their unified view. It's such a simple but incredibly useful tool. This, among other features, made it a no-brainer for us to migrate. We monitor our logs, metrics, and traces at a very affordable cost. I highly recommend Middleware as the best in class for cloud-native monitoring."

Eduardo from Berliner Philharmoniker - “The Digital Concert Hall only uses cutting-edge technology, and Middleware was able to provide that with its all-in-one monitoring solution and near real-time metrics.”

Reinventing observability for the future 🔮

Our mission is to change how companies observe infrastructure and applications cost-effectively. Our tools provide everything you need to remediate issues faster while getting observability data growth under control. It provides real-time insight into your cloud-native infrastructure, applications, and business.

  • Vendor agnostic by using and contributing to Open Telemetry.
  • Store only the data that you need to save on costs. 💰
  • Correlate the traces from the browser to the front end and back end with logs and metrics.
  • Using AI to predict any anomaly and possible downtime.

Our ask/ how to reach us with contact detail 🗓️

  1. Try Middleware and give us feedback. We love to work with YC companies. TRY AT LEAST FREE FOREVER PLAN!
  2. Tell us your use case; we love building solutions quickly. Schedule 15 mins to call me here.
  3. If you are paying too much for your Observability, we love to cut costs by 2x to 3x.