CodeComplete - GitHub Copilot for Enterprise

AI coding assistant for enterprise that is self-hosted to protect their IP and fine-tuned to their codebases


CodeComplete is GitHub Copilot for Enterprise. Large companies can't use Copilot because of the security and privacy risks, so we're building a self-hosted version that’s also fine-tuned to the company's codebase.

If you (or if you know anyone else who):

  • Would like to use Copilot at work but cannot, or
  • Would like a version of Copilot that’s fine tuned to your enterprise codebase

Please reach out to us at founders@codecomplete.ai or schedule a time with us on Calendly.

Hi everyone, we’re Max and Lydia, and we’re building CodeComplete: an AI-powered code assistant built for enterprise companies. We’re incredibly excited about the advances in generative AI and are on a mission to transform the way developers work. Our code completion product is the first in a suite of AI-powered dev tools we’d like to build.

The problem

We love GitHub Copilot, but in order to use it, you need to send your code to GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Many large enterprise companies strictly forbid this due to security and privacy concerns, so they cannot leverage AI-powered dev tools to multiply their productivity.

Also, the underlying Copilot model is not tuned to your codebase, so you don't always get relevant suggestions. It’s best practice for developers to use their company’s frameworks and libraries. However, without fine tuning, code generation models can suggest generic code, which decreases legibility and introduces technical debt, performance issues, and security holes in the codebase.

The solution

CodeComplete is a self-hosted AI coding assistant tool that's fine tuned to your codebase. We train powerful code generation base models on your codebase so we can deliver more relevant suggestions. We deploy these models directly on-premises or in your own cloud, so your valuable intellectual property stays with your company. With CodeComplete, your team can leverage cutting-edge AI technology to be more productive, quickly ramp up developers, and write better code while staying security compliant.


Why we’re building this

Max wanted to use GitHub Copilot at Meta, but leadership explicitly blocked him from doing so. We believe AI-powered dev tools are the future, and we think they can be especially powerful and deliver value at larger companies. We want to set companies up for success in the long run by helping the millions of developers at these companies leverage new AI technology.

Buy vs. Build

This is not a core competency for many large enterprises. Buying a solution will save millions by freeing up engineering resources and catapulting dev velocity.

Ask: How you can help

  • Connect us to an engineering leader at a large company that needs our product. Email us!
  • Connect us to engineers who really want to use Copilot but cannot. Email us!
  • Try out our product. Sign up on our website!
  • We will provide a $500 referral bonus if your referral becomes a paying customer.