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We are an open-source platform for software engineers to manage their UI's theme directly in code.

tl;dr Mirrorful is an open-source platform for developers to create and manage a simple design system. Check us out on Github and install our NPM package into your project.

Hello everyone, we are Alex and Teddy, and we love making beautiful websites!

Alex (left) was as a UI engineer at Liveramp and Teddy (right) worked on the web team at Robinhood πŸ“ˆ. We then worked together as the first product engineers at a YC startup. At each of these companies, we consumed, contributed, and documented design systems.

🎨 Why are we building Mirrorful?

The key to consistently beautiful user experiences is design systems: a collection of reusable components and styling standards.

Design systems also speed up development β€” even at startups! One test suggests it’s 47% faster to build a simple form using a design system. It's useful for engineers, designers, and especially your customers if there isn't a random color for each button in your app.

But design systems are hard to get right. Picking an out-of-the-box solution is easy to start with, but sooner than later, you run into limitations and need to do a months-long migration. On the other hand, starting from scratch is technically difficult and time-consuming.

They're also hard to maintain. Product development often moves faster than the design system itself. Design system solutions today are bloated and introduce unnecessary friction into the product development lifecycle.

Exhibit A: Twitter thread on Linear's simple but efficient design system.

🎯 Our Solution

As UI engineers, we wanted a tool that:

  • lives in code, but is visual
  • easy to set up, but prepares you for scale
  • speeds up development, but has simple guidelines

Today, you can use install Mirrorful as a development dependency of your project to run a visual editor of your theme and then directly export your design tokens to.js, .ts, .css, .scss, .json. It's lightweight, with no design system lock-in.

Example: using CSS Variables

Example using Javascript Constants

🍿 Video Demo

Link to Mirrorful Demo - Loom

πŸ‘‰ Let us help you make your app look consistently beautiful!

Most importantly, give us feedback: founders@mirrorful.io