💳📈 Bujeti - Corporate cards and expense management platform for African businesses

We help African businesses issue corporate cards, control and manage their expenses

TL;DR: We help African businesses in industries such as Healthcare, Logistics, Agriculture and Construction easily issue corporate cards to their employees and contractors to streamline their spendings. We help them control and manage their expenses by setting up spending limits, restrictions and approval flows for their decisions makers, staff and suppliers.

Who are we?

Hello everyone, we are Achille and Samy from Bujeti

🧠 Achille: Drives ideas and make things come to life. 8yoe engineer, 3+ years at Paystack, and 3x founder in Fintech and AI.

🧠 Samy: He keeps us compliant and makes operations go smoothly. 2 MsC in Business Administration, 2 years at Ariane Group, former ceo SmartSoft Europe.

What is a corporate card and why is it hard to get one in Africa?

A corporate card is a debit or credit card issue by a business to its employees, generally issued to upper management (CXO, Accountants, Team Managers, etc.) and a select number of employees to make payments on behalf of the company.
In the US and EU, bank card penetration is very high and the process for businesses to get multiple cards from their banks is pretty straightforward— but in Africa where card penetration is still low, getting a card for a business isn’t as straightforward as it should be, much less for multiple cards.

This is an even a bigger problem for traditional businesses in industries like Agriculture, Logistics, Healthcare, Construction— businesses that are not tech heavy, but contribute to a big part of the GDP of most of African nations. To go around that, businesses generally have one card that they pass around which causes a lot of security, control and fraud issues.

How do we fix it?

To help fix that problem and allow African businesses to issue cards at will to their employees, while maintaining the control of their spendings, we launched Bujeti, an all-in-one corporate cards and expenses management platform.

We also help them:

  • Budget their expenditures to keep their finances afloat
  • Monitor and track all the expenses made in the company
  • Facilitate receipts tracking and collection
  • Automate Account Payables & Receivables
  • Set up spending limits and approval flow to make sure the resources are well used and create value
  • Reimburse out of pocket expenses of their employees
  • Run payroll
  • Integrate their accounting softwares(QuickBooks, Xero, etc…)
  • Automate reconciliation and reporting

How did we get here?

Achille wanted to build a personal finance and expenses management app for the African Diaspora that helps automate remittances while keeping an eye on how money sent back home was being spent. While building that, he realized the problem he was trying to solve for individuals, was in fact a problem that also affected businesses. That’s when we pivoted from B2C to B2B to solve expense management issues for African businesses.

Our ask 🙏🏾

  • Connect us to CFO, Accountants, Country Managers and HR leaders that operate in Africa in your network
  • Connect us to an African Logistics, Construction, Healthcare, Agriculture company in your network
  • Connect us VISA or Mastercard
  • Connect us to your CFO or Accountant to help us understand even better their needs and improve our offering
  • Share our post on your social media to help us increase awareness 🚀