⚡ Planar - Add 10x features to GitHub code review

A chrome extension that adds features used internally by big tech, to GitHub

Planar is a chrome extension that adds 10X features to GitHub code review.

Viraj and I were both engineers at Meta and we realized that GitHub is lacking a lot of the features we used to use to be 10x more productive.

So we added them to GitHub. The features include:

  • A new review page UX that uses AI to group together related changes in a large PR
  • A layout that puts comments side by side with code
  • An inbox that shows you which PRs need your review across all your repos
  • Notifications that trigger whenever an update to a PR requires your attention

With more features coming soon …

  • The ability to easily view and navigate stacked PRs
  • Streamlined PR conversations
  • A visual dependency graph that shows you how all the files and components in your PR are connected

We also know that we are inundated with new tools. That’s why we designed these features in a chrome extension so that you don’t have to onboard onto a new tool.


A bit more about the problem. Code review is hard because

  • For most developers on a team, there is insufficient context to leave a good review
  • Review communication is really noisy. Most teams are relying on noisy slack channels to know which PRs they need to look at.
  • Most teams work hard to develop a culture of small PRs because long PRs are miserable to review. But they’re also inevitable.

The features listed above aim to make this time-consuming workflow way faster and easier, so that you can ship faster with less tech debt.

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Try the extension and let us know what you think at hello@useplanar.com.