OdinAI by Terra

Generate health recommendations for any app


To date, it has been super difficult to generate health insights and recommendations for your application.

With OdinAI, we make it super easy for you to add health recommendations to your app! We built all the necessary software tools and help you deliver these recommendations through ChatGPT!

What is Terra

An API that makes it super easy for apps to connect to wearables and sensors.

Many of our customers have been asking for an easy way to generate recommendations, so we connected with ChatGPT and made it possible.

The way it works:

1. You upload your recommendations

2. We prompt ML models and optimize them for your app

3. You receive the recommendations through our API

This can be for your sleep, mental health, nutrition, training, and overall health app!

OdinGPT Private Alpha Release - Watch Video

What's coming in the upcoming updates:

- Granular level responses

- Chatbot to install for your app

- Optimised recommendations for specific categories,

- and many more!

Would love to hear your thoughts, and feel free to ask for features you'd like to see!