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We collect a/r with respect and AI

Hey! This is John, the founder of Respaid.com

Are you constantly juggling a million things while small overdue bills keep slipping through the cracks? AI-powered respectful collection enables you to receive up to 9x more payments. Starting at $5 (B2B or B2C).

Yeah… I'm a solo founder, but.. I’m not alone. Actually we’re 40+ passionate people from 5 countries!

❌ Problem: collect small overdue bills is hard

Be too harsh and people feel offended, be too soft, and they not take it seriously.
At Respaid, we've found the sweet spot. With our similar approach that a lawyer would do, combined with surprising softness and simple direct payments, people are happy to pay (NPS: 93).
Your brand reputation is even greater.

✨ Solution: AI-Powered Lawyer collection + Respect

We combine a respectful approach (contact with care through a real lawyer) + AI (predict the perfect timing, message and channel) to collect your overdue bills from $5-5K. Your customers are surprised that your company’s lawyer has been soft and made it easy to pay.
How to start: give us a simple excel file, we do the rest (no attached invoices required).

e.g. Apple Pay increase collection rate by up to 7%

👉 For Who: SaaS, Subscription and Marketplace

Your customers are individuals or SMBs? Finding a solution which is profitable and not time consuming is now possible.
We currently have 458 customers in 8 industries (retail, insurance, finance, service..). We usually start with an excel file, but you can also automate us through Zapier or direct API.
We do up to 85k collections per day!

🕤 BackStory: how small debts killed my last startup

In my previous startup, I didn’t find a solution to chase small debts, and debt collectors would not take us seriously regarding volume or risk too high (they tend to select debts they have more chance to be collected). I realized 1/ 4 startups fail due to small debts. I knew the only way to fix it was through technology + respect. 18 months later, we were #1 on Trustpilot “debt collector”, had 16 unicorn customers.
But….we never officially launched in the US… until today!

• We do a fair pricing (success fees only)

You only pay a success fee when we succeed (starting 10.9%). In the industry, we’re probably the only ones to even display a pricing page as we understood it was not right to calculate pricing depending on debt quality.
Use the code “YCS23”🔥 at signup to get 1 month trial period, there's no need to worry about license fees.
It's our way of demonstrating our commitment to your success.

🙏 How You Can Help

Intros to founders/CFO - You can help us by introducing startups/companies having: 1. a lot of SMBs or 2. a lot of individuals as customers to share how they handle overdue bills. Please cc me: j+YC@respaid.com or directly book a demo here

Stripe user experiencing chargeback? We are integrating natively in a few days to automatically collect your AR, even if you lost the dispute on Stripe. Reach me for an early access and share your feedbacks: j+stripe@respaid.com or[ book a call here
](http://jo.respaid.com)_______\_______%5C) Not sure we are really respectful and won’t damage your brand?
Try collecting $1 to yourself in 10sec: start $1 collection here