Kalam - Personal mentor and discipline inducing learning ecosystem

Solving the challenges of affordability and accessibility to great teachers in India

In India, more than 5 million students set their sights on top careers in Engineering, Medicine, and Civil Services each year. However, they face significant hurdles in finding great mentors and teachers. Kalam, a revolutionary AI-backed education initiative, comes to the rescue, empowering students with access to personalized mentorship in a discipline-inculcating learning ecosystem.

Kalam prepares study plans and sets daily targets based on a student's progress, keeping track of common mistakes, performance and time spent on specific concepts or subjects. This innovative approach is already working wonders, and the aim is to scale this to reach 5 million students in India, starting with the Indian Civil Services Examination (UPSC).

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Vimal, alongside Aseem, is the driving force behind building Kalam.in

Vimal, one of India’s top educators for more than 7 years, has witnessed the rise of edtech from the unique perspective of both founder and teacher during his tenure at unacademy and subsequently while building out his first startup in education, coursavy.

Current Edtech solutions primarily involve one-way content delivery, where thousands of students merely consume the content without engaging in effective discussions with the teacher. This leads to a loss of curiosity and, eventually, to poor learning outcomes. Furthermore, an excess of content leads to a multitude of choices, often resulting in confusion and chaotic, unplanned preparation.

Kalam steps in to solve these issues with simplicity and focus. Vimal has championed this process through his education initiatives over the past decade. Now, leveraging the latest AI technology, Kalam is fully equipped to scale founder’s counter-intuitive insights and learnings to assist millions of students in India, starting with the UPSC exam.


Wondering about the superpowers of Kalam? Let's uncover the magic.

Kalam assists in creating a personalised timetable, sending daily targets, and tracking progress throughout the learning journey.

Kalam helps resolve doubts, aids in mastering concepts, and can evaluate a UPSC student’s handwritten answer in less than 60 seconds — a process that typically takes 2-4 weeks in the current education market.

It conducts mock tests, identifies students' strengths and weaknesses, and provides progress reports that foster self-awareness, unlocking their full potential.

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