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Create, manage, and deploy complex workflows effortlessly

Hello YC! We are Amrutha Gujjar and Shivam Singhal, the founders of Structured.

With Structured (https://www.structuredlabs.io) turn your ideas into working code instantly with Structured. Simply describe the workflow you want in plain English, and Structured’s AI will generate the code and deploy it as a ready-to-use API. No coding or complex setup required—just describe what you need and Structured does the rest.

How it works

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Say goodbye to the intricacies of regular expressions or complex data manipulation code. For example, "Strip all HTML and XML tags from a given input," and watch as Blocks translates your words into functional code.

Sandbox Environment: Experiment with confidence in our secure Sandbox environment, where you can test and iterate on your functions. Start with our sample data, or plug in your own for a more tailored experience.

Code Review and Customization: Before deployment, you can review and tweak the generated code, ensuring it meets your precise needs.

Seamless Deployment: When you're ready, just click to deploy your Block. Blocks are then pushed to the Structured Cloud ☁️, creating a custom REST endpoint that can be integrated into any part of your application.

Integrations: Our platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools and systems, ensuring that Blocks can communicate effectively with your existing infrastructure. This ensures a smooth workflow, enabling you to focus on innovation rather than integration challenges.

Log Search and Analysis: Dive into your logs with our intuitive search functionality. Whether you're troubleshooting or seeking insights, our system simplifies the process of sifting through extensive log data, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

Impact for Enterprises

Blocks in Structured are incredibly useful for many different tasks, perfect for developers working on anything from internal tools to customer-focused features. Blocks are flexible and powerful, making your development work easier. Here's how:

  • Speed Up Workflows: Blocks let you quickly create and use endpoints, making it much faster to automate workflows. This means less time and effort needed for integrating and automating your business processes.
  • Save Time and Resources: Automating and simplifying development tasks with Blocks saves developers a lot of time. This saved time can be used for more important, strategic work.
  • Reduced Complexity in Development: By handling common logic and control flow with AI, the product reduces the complexity and time involved in coding. This can lead to quicker development cycles and lower costs.

About the Team

We studied together at the University of Washington where we graduated with degrees in Computer Science. We both went on to work as software engineers at Facebook, where we built real-time observability infrastructure and shipped machine learning applications at massive scale. Shivam has published novel machine learning and robotics research at top conferences such as ICRA and RO-MAN, and Amrutha has built and scaled programmatic data labeling and entity management systems used by dozens of research science teams for content detection.

Get Started

We'd love for you to try out our product – reach out to us founders@structuredlabs.io to get onboarded. We’re opening up a few spots in our private beta. We’re eager to welcome a select few to explore our solution.