🏗️ Constructable - The AI copilot for construction teams

We integrate construction management tools, email, chat, and documents to create an AI powered knowledge-base for construction projects

Tl;dr: Constructable aggregates documents and communication from multiple sources so construction teams can answer questions quickly and accurately about their projects, saving them critical time and preventing costly mistakes.

Hi everyone,

We are John, Molly, and Emma, former proptech product and engineering leaders and the team behind Constructable. We’re on a mission to give everyone on a construction project the information they need at their fingertips to deliver a project safely, accurately, and efficiently.

🧨 The Problem

Construction teams are spending too much time digging through data spread out in many places

Construction projects are complex and constant change means a single project will have a huge amount of documentation. Take the San Francisco team we’re working with that just finished a major 3-year project. By the end of the project, they had a 2000-page plan that had changed hundreds of times, 2300 change orders, and thousands of bids, RFIs, and submittals going back and forth between the general contractor, developer, architect, engineers, and 93 specialty contractors. The team spent hours each week trying to find information across email, Procore, chat conversations, and document management systems.

Look at all the folders one of our customers has for just 1 project!

Not finding accurate information quickly can be detrimental to a project

Many teams waste time and hire additional people to sort through data and search for the answers they need, yet still mistakenly use outdated or incorrect information. A study by FMI found that “bad data” – including data that is inaccessible, inconsistent, or untimely  – cost the global construction industry $1.85 trillion in 2020. Operating off of outdated plans or missing information can lead to costly delays, expensive re-work, and in the worst cases can cause dangerous conditions for the crews on the ground.

✨ Our Solution

Constructable is the central place to find any information and get questions answered about a construction project. We aggregate documents and communication from file management systems like OneDrive and Dropbox, construction management software like Procore and Autodesk, email, and chat apps and make it quick for teams to answer any question and find the relevant documentation.

Constructable makes it easy to:

  • Compare bids from multiple specialty contractors and see if they are missing key components in their bid
  • Find the most recent steel plan and highlight what has changed since the last revision
  • See RFIs that have been outstanding for more than 2 weeks and the contact information of the requestee
  • Find the change order that involved adding an additional wall to the lobby, link to the before and after plans, and list the difference in takeoffs because of the change
  • Get the schedule of all specialty contractors working the following week and which supplies are still on backorder for each contractor
  • Get data from the appliance manuals needed for maintenance teams once the project is delivered

The Team

We spent the past 10 years working together at Appfolio (Nasdaq: APPF), where Emma was a VP of Product, John was a VP of Engineering, and Molly was a product growth leader. We loved supporting the businesses that provide millions of people with exceptional living and workplace experiences and we’re excited to bring our experience to empower today’s builders to construct tomorrow’s communities.

Molly has first-hand experience in the world of construction. Her dad, husband, and brother-in-law are general contractors and specialty contractors and she previously worked for a large specialty contractor. She’s experienced the chaotic highs and lows that go into completing a large project, which has fueled her passion to bring new technology to the industry.

👋 Ask:

Connect us to general contractors, owner’s reps, large specialty contractors, or developers. We’d love to get their feedback! Pass along our website or send us an email, founders@constructable.app. We appreciate the support!