Archbee AI: Answer user & dev questions instantly

Build beautiful documentation portals that answer questions with Gen AI

Archbee (S21) helps your team build beautiful documentation portals that answer user & developer questions with Generative AI.

→ Who’s using it?

Product & Engineering Teams at Adobe, Cisco, Bosch, Rackspace, and Lucas Film are using our software to power their docs portals — and here are some public portals examples:

— Oxla, distributed database, https://docs.oxla.com/

— Charthop, people operations platform, https://docs.charthop.com/

— Drift, open-source decentralized exchange, https://docs.drift.trade/

— Flipper Zero, hardware multi-use device, https://docs.flipperzero.one/

Our latest release is filled with features powered by Generative AI / LLMs, and we focus on question-answering for your users & devs.

→ Answer user questions

Wouldn't it be cool for your documentation search function to give users an answer instead of a list of documents they need to drill into to find the answer?

It would save a lot of time and frustration... and we've built it!

On top of that, we enable you to analyze user question-and-answer sessions and adjust the documentation to provide LLMs with even better context for better answers.

→ Answer API questions

LLMs understand code SDKs and even OpenAPI spec files, so questions will get answered instantly for wandering developers trying to integrate your product. Never lose developers on complex integrations again!

→ Answer Billing questions

Many questions like this would end up in your customer support channels. There is no need to when your users can receive instant answers.

→ Answer code questions

→ Write Assistance

Of course, we couldn’t resist adding Generative AI to the writing process because nobody really loves to write docs.

→ Collaborate with your team

→ Verify outdated content

→ Custom Blocks for every use case

We strive to be the best documentation portal platform that answers questions for your users & devs.

→ Try Archbee AI here today: https://www.archbee.com