Alguna – Modern pricing, quoting & billing platform

We help companies increase revenue and close more deals, faster.

📝 TL;DR:

Alguna is a modern pricing, quoting, and billing platform for B2B SaaS. Companies use it to unify the quote-to-revenue process by automating complex and manual back-office operations. Book a demo to learn more.

❌ Problem

As companies grow, they want to offer more customized deals to their larger customers, capture data around product usage, forecast revenue, and experiment with pricing. As they scale, instead of graduating to better tools, they default to using spreadsheets and manual processes to connect single-point solutions.

After interviewing over 100 company leaders, we’ve seen what consequences information siloes and fragmented solutions can have on the companies’ growth trajectories.
From light issues like hiring people to copy/paste data between systems to fundamental ones like not trusting your revenue data or asking your customers to tell you how much they used your product.

In times of growth at all costs, companies could’ve turned a blind eye to these imperfect workflows; however, as 2023 loomed over the whole SaaS world, these revenue-impacting inefficiencies represent the line between company survival and the slow death of running out of money without even realizing it.

How Alguna works

Our core premise is to enable our customers (growth-stage startups and enterprises) to flexibly close more deals faster without worrying about internal limitations and relying on finance and engineering teams.

We’ve built an end-to-end solution covering the whole customer lifecycle while complementing existing sales (CRMs), finance (ERPs/Accounting), and engineering tools.

Configure pricing & create custom quotes

  • Set up pricing and packaging across all sales channels while supporting any pricing model (including subscriptions, usage-based, platform fees, etc.)
  • Create the most customizable plan options with custom product billing options, one-off integration fees, special discounts, and complex renewal terms.

Streamline the contract signature flow
Alguna provides an embedded signature experience directly from the proposal you send customers. This is then automatically connected to tools upstream (CRMs) and downstream (ERPs), enabling the cohesive external (prospects/customers) and internal experience.

Seamless and reliable invoicing experience
Since the pricing models and quotes are natively integrated, everything is automatically connected with the billing engine, enabling the accurate and reliable customer billing experience directly via Alguna or ERP tools of your choice (Stripe Invoicing, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Bill)

Source of truth for revenue metrics
Empower sales and customer success teams with usage data to drive more revenue and unlock new upsell opportunities with real-time revenue data.

🏟️ Why us

We (@Jamie MacLeod & @Aleks Đekić) met at a fintech startup where we helped scale the payments and automation teams and products. While trying to launch new products, we experienced this problem firsthand and decided to solve it once and for all. Previously, @Aleks led the product development of internal tools just like Alguna for a 600-person commercial team at one of Europe's fastest-growing payment processing companies.

🚀 What’s next?

We’re on a mission to build the most efficient revenue management engine covering the whole customer lifecycle.

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