Coupl: India's first neobank for couples ❤️

We help couples easily manage their shared payments from one account.

Hi everyone!

We are Srini & Kushagra, co-founders of Coupl!

Coupl is the easiest & fastest way for any couple to set up a joint account. Using the Coupl: Shared Banking mobile app, couples can open a joint account in under 60 seconds, with no paperwork and start managing money together.

😤 Problem:

Couples have evolved. Yet, the conventional joint account hasn’t kept pace.

Today, couples start managing expenses together well before tying the knot. They proactively track, split and settle shared expenses. Newlyweds are even more intentional about the way they manage home bills & shared expenses. They end up using multiple tools to manage their shared finances, such as, Splitwise, WhatsApp groups, Google Sheets or Notion.

So – why don’t people just use traditional joint accounts?
Because they’re cumbersome to open & expensive to maintain.

  • They’re only accessible to married couples
  • It takes days to open the account
  • High chances you’d have to physically go the bank
  • Even if you’re married, you’d need matching addresses/last names on your IDs
  • They come with high minimum balance requirements
  • They come with zero expense management features
  • Extremely outdated user interface

💡 Solution:

We fixed the joint account!

Using the Coupl: Shared Banking app, you can set up a zero-balance joint account in under 60 seconds, and start managing all your shared expenses from it! We offer two linked RuPay cards for payments, easy in-app utility bill payments and a host of budgeting & expense categorisation features that make sense when you’re playing ‘multi-player’ finance 💍

🤺 How we compare against traditional joint accounts:

🚀 Early Traction

With over 10M weddings taking place in India each year, and a growing consumer preference for digital payment products in India - we think we’re the right solution for a large market.
Since our low-key launch in September 2023, we’ve opened 8,000 joint accounts and processed transactions worth over $400K. With no advertising spend.

👨‍💻 Meet the Team

Kushagra & I founded Coupl in 2022.

We’re alums of IIT Kanpur and BITS Pilani, and have extensive experience in business, finance & technology – having worked at blue-chip management consulting firms and large technology companies.

We are also engaged & in a live-in relationship with our respective partners, and have spent countless hours in tracking and managing shared expenses. We soon learnt that managing money was the most cited pain-point in long term relationships. Today, our goal with Coupl is to bring the best of technology and banking to modern couples in India – to make shared payments easier.

💜 Want to try out Coupl?

The Coupl: Shared Banking app is available across the App Store and Google Play. Link to Download.

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We’re always taking feedback on how we can make Coupl even better for you.
Reach out to us at hello@coupl.money!

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