Vector: Turn your company's network into pipeline

Vector alerts sales teams when their executives, investors, and customers can intro them to their target accounts.

Problem: 74% of sales reps miss quota

👆This is why Pipeline Generation is today’s biggest problem CROs are facing!

B2B selling is hard. Buyers are inundated with noise. Modern “solutions” only automate the problem:

  • 2% cold call success = automated power dialers 🤮
  • 1% cold email success = mass sales engagement sequencers 👎🏼
  • Costly SDR team = AI prospecting + “virtual SDRs” that “personalize” at scale 🙅‍♂️

Personalization does not matter if no one opens your email or answers your call. There’s a monumental shift in the industry of B2B prospecting - and CROs are searching for a new playbook.

Vector: Less Volume, More Quality

We believe in an AI-enabled world where authentic relationships rule all.

Vector is the world’s only Relationship Intelligence platform — using AI to analyze 400M+ signals in real-time to identify meaningful relationships across your company’s entire network to win, retain, and expand deals.

The Shared Experience Graph™

At Vector’s core is the Shared Experience Graph™ — a powerful data engine analyzing hundreds of signals per relationship and a proprietary AI model purpose-built to find the most authentic relationships for your sales team.

Stop relying on manual spreadsheets, meaningless mutual LinkedIn connections, or expensive, glorified champion tracking tools that only tap a fraction of your network.

Let’s talk, because 84% of your B2B decision-makers start their buying process with a referral, but finding the right trusted person to open the door for your team is extremely hard.

Follow us, Joshua and Nick. We lived with this problem for years as GTM executives, and now we’re fixing it at Vector.