Diligent - GenAI assistant for fintech risk and compliance operations

We help risk and AML compliance teams automate routine customer due diligence tasks with Large Language Models


Diligent helps fintech risk and AML compliance teams automate and strengthen customer due diligence with Generative AI.

Fintechs and banks use us to automate tasks like running thorough due diligence on a legal entity, reviewing customer documents (e.g. certificates of incorporation, proofs of address etc) and remediating false positive alerts from AML systems.

If you’re a fintech or bank… get in touch at founders@godiligent.ai.


Fraud and Anti Money Laundering (AML) controls are key parts of the fintech and banking industry but generate significant back office workload. It's 2024 and most of the work still involves human analysts running repetitive tasks which are costly, error prone and take time away from real investigations that can move the needle for fincrime prevention and require expertise.

These manual tasks can include things like…

  • checking online presence to verify the legitimacy and nature of business of a customer
  • reviewing documents like registry extracts, proofs of address and bank statements to comply with onboarding requirements
  • sitting through thousands of false positive alerts from AML systems


Diligent builds AI assistants designed to automate routine tasks, slashing cost-to-comply, strengthening risk detection and freeing up capacity for investigations that require human expertise and decision making.

Our AI assistants follow your workflow policies, integrate with existing systems and output risk intelligence or reports with a clear audit trail.

We built 3 AI assistant archetypes

  • ⚠️ Risk assistant: Investigates holistically the risk and nature of business of customers and transaction counterparties. E.g. is the legal information declared verified? what does this company actually do? do website and address look suspicious? what's the online reputation on socials, reviews etc?
  • 🔍 Screening assistant: Investigates automatically alerts from screening systems and slashes time spent remediating false positives on Sanctions/PEP/Adverse Media
  • 📝 KYB assistant: Verifies business information and instantly validates customer uploaded documents (register extract, proof of address, bank statements etc.) according to custom acceptance policy to remove back-office verification work and avoid customer friction

Here is a quick demo on how they can work together to conduct due diligence on a legal entity by investigating its legitimacy online, checking documentation, and reviewing alerts for Sanctions/PEP/Adverse Media against it.


We’re Edo and Ahmed.

Ahmed led multiple teams as VP engineering at Billie (Europe’s largest B2B BNPL) across business identification, fraud, credit and aml risk. Previously he was a technical PM and software engineer at Funding Circle.

Edo worked as Investment associate and chief of staff at Rocket Internet early stage investment team and previously was Junior Associate at Boston Consulting Group.


If you are a fintech and are interested in exploring how Generative AI can streamline your risk and compliance controls… get in touch at founders@godiligent.ai or find time to chat here!