💰 Openmart - Get highly targeted local business leads using AI

Meet Openmart - AI alternative to ZoomInfo

Hey everyone! We are Richard and Kathryn, and we're here to present Openmart, a platform that helps startups who sell to local businesses discover leads easily based on their specific needs.

Over the past several years, we have worked as brand operators, the first product manager, and the first engineer at high-growth SaaS startups. We crossed paths at Pinterest and have been good friends ever since.

Based on our conversations with sales teams from various startups, we identified the following challenges:

  1. Finding SMB leads is difficult because there's no easy way to locate them. People often have to search randomly through platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Companies like ZoomInfo charge upwards of $50,000 a year for an account.
  2. Filtering out these SMB leads isn't easy. We observe different leads filtering requirements from our clients, and each of them, after receiving a list from ZoomInfo or others, still needs to spend days on manual research to determine if the business is a fit.

Our Solution
Picture Austin, a sales director at an aesthetic device startup, using Openmart. Openmart helps him conduct sales research and find places that sell older versions of these aesthetic devices. This makes it easier for their sales team to convince them to upgrade. In short, what can we help you with?

1. Search our database of 1M+ SMBs and retailers to find where your competitors are selling. Review 1000+ store locators.

2. Get a list of high-quality retailers and SMB leads in seconds instead of days of manual research. Here’s an example of Openmart’s AI agent telling whether these bars have a jukebox or not. 😄

Our ask

  1. Share this post! Please help spread the word, as you never know who it may help. We appreciate the support and will always be grateful. ❤️
  2. Book a demo with us at www.openmart.ai.
  3. Connect us with startup sales teams that are selling to small and medium-sized businesses, such as DTC/e-commerce stores, retail, and medical clinics.
  4. Quick blurb to copy & paste: A team in Y Combinator's current batch can help you find SMB leads in sectors like e-commerce, retail, and medical establishments, and get you highly targeted leads in seconds. Check them out and contact founders@openmart.ai for more information.

We are Richard and Kathryn and we're on a mission to make selling to SMBs easy using AI.