Patchwork - Your team's AI powered communication tool

Replace your Slack with a ranked feed of information and AI assisted post creation

Hey everyone! We’re Nikki and Dhruhin from Patchwork!


Patchwork supercharges your team’s communication — we replace your Slack with a ranked feed of information, AI assisted post creation, and chat for urgent needs.

The Problem

Do it all.

Those are the words etched in our brains during YC, and we know that it only gets worse. We spend our time figuring out how to talk to users, sell to customers, pitch to investors, and meet other founders, all at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget, while doing all of this, you also need to continue building the product.

We found that the most inefficient part of a company is poor communication. A ping on Slack can take us out of flow and leave us context-switching. While one team member is wrestling with RAG pipelines, another is messaging them about feedback from a user interview. If you choose to respect heads-down time, you’ll end up writing notes in docs that are lost to the ether, never to be looked at again. With more team members, it gets exponentially worse.

In the end, we’re either left with incomplete information or left sifting through a swamp of chat messages, doc links, and notifications to get the information we need.

The Solution

LLMs, Posts, and a Ranked Feed.

Patchwork, with the help of LLMs, allows you to quickly post meeting notes, updates, thoughts, and information into relevant groups.

Here’s the best part — every team member has a smart feed, specifically curated for them, that ensures they get the most important information first. Say goodbye to the distraction of random messages to get to what you really need.

Chat is also available for urgent needs. On Patchwork, your urgent chat messages don’t get drowned out with non-urgent matters.

Meet Nikki and Dhruhin

Nikki and Dhruhin worked at Meta, Stripe, and Amazon—three companies known for their incredible writing cultures. They were able to witness firsthand the power of organized, effective communication. At these companies, they worked on 0 to 1 products, which grew from a small founding team to massive organizations. From the beginning, good communication that allowed engineers to stay in flow and also get the information they needed was the secret to both speed and growth.

Now, they’re on a mission to supercharge every team with better communication tools.

Our Ask: Try Us!

If you’re building a product, talking to users, fundraising, selling to customers, and just trying to do it all — let Patchwork help.

Email info@atpatchwork.com and we’ll onboard you!