Risotto: The new AI-enabled IT help desk in Slack

Turn any Slack Channel into an automated IT help desk in 60 seconds

🏆 Tl;dr:

Risotto automatically solves IT support tickets using AI. We help IT teams improve their resolution times, reduce SaaS spend, and enhance security with 24/7 automated software access and IT support, all directly in Slack.

Meet the Team

Aron, Alex, and Chris met almost 10 years ago at HelloSign (YC11) as early employees.

  • Alex led the HelloSign IT team through the acquisition by Dropbox and later led IT engineering at Gusto.
  • Chris has a 25-year history as a software engineer and leader, most recently at Square.
  • Aron was also an early engineer at HelloSign before he shifted into Product Management, and later served as a Director of PM at Dropbox, and a PM lead in ML at Grammarly

Collectively they have over 30 years of experience in enterprise B2B SaaS software. The team says they’re “excited to be building the IT product Alex always wanted, but has never been able to find.”

Check out automated 24/7 IT support with Risotto! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Risotto learns the answers to common questions for automated 24/7 resolutions

The Problem

🕒 IT teams spend too much time manually provisioning software and answering the same question repeatedly

💸 Manually provisioning SaaS accounts inflates license costs because there’s a tendency to over-provision

🦹 Security suffers as software accounts proliferate

😫 Quarterly user access reviews for SOC 2 compliance add additional overhead for IT to manage

These types of problems are a waste of time for people to solve but are perfect for automation. One of our co-founders Alex saw this play out constantly while running IT at Gusto and Dropbox which inspired us to do something about it!

📈 The Solution


Turn any Slack Channel into an automated IT help desk in 60 seconds

Out-of-the-box Risotto integrates with Slack, and IDPs like Okta to manage software groups and provide three major feature pillars to make IT teams awesome

“ChatOps” Helpdesk in Slack

Risotto turns any Slack channel into a 24/7 automated help desk in 60 seconds. Embrace “ChatOps” to minimize context switching for employees and IT. All chat threads are backed by a digital ticket with control handled through natural language and emojis.

You’ll love seeing the green check marks pile up as Risotto solves tickets right in front of your eyes

Automated Software Access Management

Gain the benefits of software approvals and time-based access with our powerful access rules engine. All these rules can be configured per department to ensure everyone gets the right level of access.

Time-based access is a piece of cake with Risotto

Get important and expensive software approved to ensure it’s really needed

Streamlined User Access Reviews

Your SOC 2 quarterly access reviews will fly by with Risotto. We offer easy tracking and review of software to ensure you always keep tabs on who has access and why

Risotto’s benefits

📈 Risotto improves the key metrics that IT teams care about, such as time-to-resolution (TTR), time-to-first-response (TTFR), and employee satisfaction ratings

Risotto also provides numerous other benefits including:

1️⃣ A unified IT support funnel to reduce context-switching

⏩ Faster resolutions

💰 Lower SaaS costs with on-demand provisioning

🔐 Better security with timed access, and swift compliance reviews

Learn More and Try out Risotto

Work in IT and want to try our Risotto? Reach out we’d love to talk! We think the future of IT support is conversational, and AI can help.

We love talking about modern IT challenges and we can often provide advice and best practices for navigating sticky problems!