Ocular AI

Ocular AI - Bringing enterprise search, gen AI, and actions to the workplace

Ocular AI lets teams within organizations search, visualize, and perform critical cross tool actions all on one unified platform.

We’re Michael and Louis and are excited to officially launch Ocular AI!

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💡 Tl;Dr:

Ocular AI makes it easy for employees in mid-market and enterprise companies to find information and perform cross-tool actions using Generative AI-powered Search. We do this by providing a beautiful Google-like interface and a co-pilot that connects to all your company apps and tools.

❌ Problem

Having worked at Google and Microsoft, we experienced first-hand how difficult it is to access and find information and perform actions across multiple SaaS tools both in the workplace and in engineering. Through our experience and conversations with people at Appian, Boeing, General Electric, Uber, Pinecone, Brex, Coda, Unity, Microsoft, and Google, we learned that as companies grow it gets very challenging to:

  1. Find what you need at work: Company knowledge lives in multiple, isolated SaaS applications, and employees spend over a quarter of their workday looking for information (think of documentation, past slack threads, etc), finding the people needed to complete tasks, and getting the required permissions.
  2. Manage complex engineering tools: As engineering teams scale and adopt microservices, they onboard multiple tools for documentation, development, release, monitoring, and alerting. Critical data, metrics, logs, and dashboards are all in isolated platforms such as CircleCI, DataDog, and New Relic and this makes it very difficult to have a unified view of company data, correlation data across these tools, and complete multitool workflow coordination - especially during incidents.

Siloed tooling and data introduce an operational tax to the lives of employees like engineers, slowing down productivity, development cycles, and incident management. Workers spend an average of a quarter of their day searching for information.

All of this time can be used to write more code, do more deals, and talk to customers. With the rise of AI and Copilots, the value of the time spent on doing actual work has never been so high.

🚀🚀🚀 Our Solution

🔎 Enterprise Search for everyone in your company: Integrate all of your company’s applications, tooling, and data sources to power organizational and team-level search. Organization members only see the information they have access to based on their roles.

🤖 Ocular Copilot- your work assistant that knows everything about your company: Power cross-tool workflows and actions using our generative AI-powered Ocular Copilot. Create workspaces, upload files (structured or unstructured), create collections, and build usage-specific assistants for your day-to-day tasks.

App MarketPlace: Integrate the tools (Notion, Jira, Google Drive, Slack) you already love and use for your day-to-day tasks.

Admin Portal:

Ocular AI provides search-driven insights such as trending searches, number of searches, etc., which allows execs and managers to understand their organizations better. With Ocular, you can now see which applications are used the most and which ones are underutilized, allowing organizations to make reliable SaaS spend decisions. In addition, add members, teams, and applications to your Ocular instance.

📈 Maximizing Generative AI ROI for Enterprise

Enterprises are eager to adopt Generative AI in the workplace to enhance operational efficiencies. We’re partnering with organizations to implement secure, compliant, and company-specific Generative AI.

🔐 Enterprise security

Coming from Microsoft and Google, we understand the importance of data privacy and security. For that reason, you can self-host Ocular AI on-premise or on bring your own cloud (BYOC), so all your data stays within your control- we don’t have access to it. Ocular AI is also getting SOC2 compliant and enforcing end-to-end data encryption AES 256. We’ll also be adding more security layers to ensure your data is 100% safe.

💯 The Team

Dartmouth College graduates with software engineering experience building large-scale and compliant applications at Google and Microsoft.

🫡 Our Ask

Please introduce us to managers, CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs. We can help unify their tools and data together to make their teams more efficient.

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