Marr Labs

Marr Labs – AI-voice agents that are indistinguishable from humans

Task-specific agents for roles like scheduling, sales, customer service and more

At Marr Labs we are building task-specific AI-voice agents for roles like scheduling, sales, customer service, and more.

The first product is the Vox Scheduling Agent targeted at the Home Services Industry where every lost call is a lost revenue opportunity. For contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other service providers, voicemails and phone tag not only frustrate customers but also lead to lost business. Take a listen to a live Vox call.

This is our second time building a company together. We first met over a decade ago and partnered to create Vlingo, the speech tech company that powered Siri and created Samsung's Siri competitor, S-Voice before being acquired for $225M. Now, with the development of LLMs, we are creating an entirely new platform that can take original voice agents like Siri from robotic to human, which will be a game changer.

Who we are

Dave is a 4x startup CEO with a track record pioneering AI/ML solutions from concept to commercialization. In addition to Vlingo, Dave co-founded and served as CEO of Light, a machine vision company rooted in ML, before its acquisition by John Deere. He also led the mobile middleware company, Geoworks. Dave holds an MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and is a US Marine Corps veteran.

Han is an AI/ML pioneer and 2X entrepreneur. In addition to Vlingo, Han was a co-founder of Wyth (acquired by Airbnb) where he developed mobile personal assistant technology for collaborative productivity applications. Han led the ML and AI groups at both Airbnb and DoorDash. Early in his career, he led BBN's winning effort for a large-vocabulary Mandarin Chinese system, part of the Hub-5 speech recognition evaluation sponsored by NIST and DARPA. Han holds Ph.D., M.Eng., and B.S. degrees from MIT, and over 25 patents.

Our Ask

If you have a business where missed calls = missed revenue, give us a try. Email us now to schedule a demo at: hello@marrlabs.com.