Clarum: AI-powered due diligence

Clarum helps private equity firms close more deals by conducting accelerated and reliable due diligence.

Hey everyone! We’re Anton and Tommy and we’re building Clarum.

tldr; Clarum helps private equity firms close more deals by conducting quicker due diligence with AI. For example, firms can import files from their data room to get answers to hundreds of questions in minutes. Book a demo with us!


During deal flow, due diligence is a significant challenge for investors due to the need to quickly process large volumes of disorganized data within tight deadlines. The mental and emotional toll is significant, especially when dealing with high-stakes transactions worth millions, where mistakes can cost jobs. Private equity firms risk losing deals or being outbid if they don't conduct due diligence efficiently enough. Finding information and answering questions should be quick, easy, and reliable.

Clarum is here

Clarum provides AI-powered due diligence solutions that enable fast, transparent, and reliable insights from your entire data repository, for more data-driven processes.

Using Clarum takes minutes to set up.

  1. Import your data from your VDR, shared drive, or local computer.
  2. Upload an existing due diligence questionnaire.
  3. Watch Clarum answer 100s of questions with full transparency in minutes.

Here’s what Clarum can do:

Reliable and traceable answers - Answer questions using your entire knowledge base, where every number or sentence is linked back to its source document for full traceability.

All your data in one place - Quickly import data from various sources, including VDRs, shared drives, and local files.

Quantifiable insights from qualitative data - Answer hundreds of questions from due diligence questionnaires in minutes instead of weeks. Generate follow-up questions and RFIs from the missing information.

Find critical data - Intelligently search for information from all your sources. Find a chart from a PDF, a table from a spreadsheet, or a critical number from a presentation.

All of this leads to a quicker time-to-insight, giving PE firms using Clarum a competitive advantage.


Anton Otaner and Tommy He met via a mutual friend at McGill University. They knew that they would be a great team after they won first place in their university’s hackathon and after many late nights working together.

Before Clarum, Anton was a blockchain engineer at Mint where he worked on scalable blockchain solutions to secure gated content. He enjoys tackling challenging situations; for instance, he ran 84 km in a snowstorm with a broken arm. Tommy worked on low-latency market connections and trade execution at Tower Research Capital. Before that, he worked on the private intersection of knowledge graphs at Optable, an ad-tech startup.

Their background is rooted in a tech-first approach, tightly coupled with finance. By constantly keeping up to date and working with the latest technologies, they are convinced that due diligence could be accelerated with AI.

Our ask

We are confident that we can accelerate your due diligence reliably using AI. If you know anyone working in private equity or wealth management who could benefit from Clarum, please send them our way.

If you are working in that industry, reach out to us at contact@clarum.ai or book a call!