⭐️ Airfront - AI-first email platform with built-in automations

Let your inbox do work for you!

TL;DR: Airfront uses AI to automate manual tasks directly from your inbox, and it takes <5 mins to set up. Our platform understands the context behind each email and enables smart workflows such as responding to customers and syncing data. Join our waitlist or schedule a demo to see how it works.


Hey all! We’re Joanne and Tommy, and we’re building Airfront to let your inbox do the work for you.

Airfront is an AI-first email platform with built-in automations. We enable smart workflows that go beyond what tools like Zapier offer. With Airfront, you can create automations such as “synthesize the key use cases that buyers mentioned and sync them to Salesforce” or “extract answers from surveys and summarize commonalities”.

📩 Problem

  • Many people do manual, repetitive tasks based on their emails
  • Our inboxes contain lots of insights, but this valuable data is hard to surface

✨ Solution

  • Airfront uses AI to form a contextual understanding of emails such as who the email is from and what the email is about
  • Our platform enables granular workflows directly from your inbox using natural language. No coding needed.

👨‍💻 How it Works

👋 Meet Joanne & Tommy

We are both graduates of NYU, and we both grew up in families of small business owners which inspired us to become entrepreneurs ourselves.

  • Tommy studied Computer Science and joined Stripe as the first new grad hire in NYC. As a senior software engineer at Stripe, Tommy worked on search infrastructure and led a team to redesign Stripe's API to accept multiple currencies.
  • Joanne studied Computing & Data Science and Finance and worked in Tech M&A investment banking at Evercore and subsequently B2B software investing at General Atlantic.

🚀 Try Airfront

  • Join our waitlist or schedule a quick demo if you’re curious about using Airfront at your company
  • Email us at founders@airfront.com with any thoughts or suggestions. We’d love to hear about what you want to automate for your inbox and any other feedback!