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Infinity AI  -  Type a script, get a movie out

Choose characters, write a script, and get a video out. Try it now!

tl;dr —  Infinity is building a foundation model that turns scripts into movies. Today, you can join our Discord and generate talking head videos of various celebrities (and even yourself) saying whatever you want.


We think that people are at the center of stories. So we’re on a mission to build the world’s best model for generating human motion and emotion.


How it works

Today, we’re training a model for each actor based on existing footage of them. We’re also currently training a diffusion transformer model, which will be v1 of our script-to-movie foundation model.

Here’s how to use the tool. PS — Happy Pi Day 🍰 from some MIT alums!



Unleash your creativity

Here is a video we made about TruffleMuzzle, a fake W24 startup that makes muzzles for truffle-hunting dogs. YC TV, hosted by Jared and Surbhi, follows YC startups as they “go through” the batch.



The Vision

We believe a team of 3 writers — with no actors, directors, or other crew — will win an Academy Award in the next 10 years.

We are building the tech they’ll use to do that. ✨ 
From the canvas to the camera, the progression of art has been inextricably linked to the progression of new technologies. And each new technology tends to democratize the number of people who are able to create in that medium. 
We are excited to empower everyone to bring their stories to life.


The Team

Andrew, Sidney, and Lina have been building companies together for the past 5 years (Infinity is our 2nd), but we’ve known each other for over 10 years.

We met and studied engineering at Duke. Andrew got his PhD at Stanford. Lina got her PhD at MIT. And Sidney was smart and dropped out of his MIT PhD.

Our first company was a 10-person, multi-million dollar ML consulting agency where we developed and shipped AI products for Nike, Google, and other tech companies.

The Ask

🎨 Go to our Discord and generate videos! The person who generates the BEST video by next Friday (Mar 23) will win $100. 🥇Tag us in Discord on any videos you want entered into the competition. (* Selected by us)

PS - If you have feedback or just want to say “hi,” message us on Discord (Lina, avocado_toast__, and sid-the-kid) 👋