Taylor AI

Taylor — Tag your text data at scale

The API for on-demand text classification (No LLMs)

Hey everyone! 👋 We're Ben & Brian.

TL;DR Use Taylor’s API to tag your free text faster and cheaper than a LLM can.

THE PROBLEM High-volume, high-frequency text data (like user-generated content, chat completions, and lead communication logs) is difficult to sort, productize, and manage. You can tag text with LLMs, which works well on smaller datasets but is challenging at scale due to rate limits, high latency, and accuracy issues (“creative” labels). What if you could classify text in real time with no rate limits?

OUR SOLUTION An API for classifying your text in milliseconds into hierarchical labels. For example, use our out-of-the-box topic classification model to tag your free text by topic.


  1. Make a request to our topic classification model! Log in, grab your API key, and then use this starter code to get back topic labels.
  2. Not the labels you need? Email us (founders@trytaylor.ai) or book time here.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay on top of our latest models and roadmap!