👁️ edgetrace: Real-world video understanding

Search, analyze, and annotate hours of video footage in seconds

📹 Problem: Many industries face the inefficient, error-prone task of manually reviewing hours of video footage to identify and analyze key events.

🛒 For example, retailers may need to gather metrics on how frequently customers are ‘reaching for’ a specific product to help optimize product placement and boost revenue. Rather than doing this manually, EdgeTrace makes retrieving this data as easy as a Google search.

Product suppliers may also want to understand how consumers interact with their products, such as how long they spend reading labels or comparing similar items. Here’s a second example of how EdgeTrace helps them do this.

🚔 Consider another example where investigators receive a tip about a suspect spotted driving a specific vehicle. Traditionally, they’d need to manually sift through extensive traffic camera footage to find the suspect and track them down. EdgeTrace’s platform helps them do this a lot faster:

🔓 The EdgeTrace™ Solution: EdgeTrace makes video data easily accessible and actionable for organizations. We provide a platform and API for advanced video capabilities, such as

  • 🔎 Semantic Search: Input descriptive terms and find exact video segments in ~seconds~ — not hours.
  • 🚨 Real-Time Event Detection: Set up alerts for specific scenarios on live camera streams, like unattended bags at a station or specific car models in a parking lot.
  • ✍️ Automated Annotations: Instantly tag, label, and categorize video data for more efficient retrieval and analysis.
  • 📊 Video Analytics: Turn raw footage into quantifiable metrics for data-driven decision-making.

Meet the Founders:

David was most recently a Senior Software Engineer on the AI team at Cruise, where he witnessed first-hand the challenges of finding long-tail scenario videos for training and testing autonomous vehicles at scale.

Kyle is an engineer and second-time founder. After studying Computer Science at Stanford, he started a company building drones for construction mapping and also encountered issues leveraging large amounts of video footage from drone cameras.

Driven by our firsthand challenges with complex video data in automotive, robotics, construction, and logistics, we founded EdgeTrace to help address the same needs across these and similar critical sectors.

📩 Get in Touch: If you want to EdgeTrace™ your own videos and camera streams, please reach out at founders@edgetrace.ai or fill out this form to join the waitlist for our private beta or schedule a demo. Thank you 🫡