Topo - AI sales agent custom trained for each company to reach the best leads

Your future top performer sales rep!

TL;DR - Topo is an AI sales agent trained specifically for each company. The agent is trained to handle all outbound tasks automatically: finding the best leads in the industry-specific channels and then automatically contacting prospects with a personalized approach.

The problem 🤯

B2B lead generation is broken.

It's difficult to generate outbound pipeline as we did in the past years: mass mailing over the TAM based on demographics criteria.

It's especially very human-intensive for a founder, a full cycle sales team, or even an SDR dedicated to the task.

Finally, the cost of implementing a high-quality outbound strategy has completely exploded.

Our Solution 🥳

AI allows us to automate these tasks by doing like a top performer.

What makes a top performer?

  • They know the product, the industry, the pain points, and the company's value proposition perfectly.
  • They will find the right leads, ready to buy, based on buying signals in the industry-specific channels or on the company's website visitors.

For example, the buying signals for a dev tool will likely happen more on GitHub, whereas for an HRIS, it will happen on LinkedIn or job boards.

That's what we do: Create the smartest AI sales agent on the market - custom-trained for each company!

How it works? ✨

  1. Train your agent to become an expert on your business thanks to various knowledge sources of your company (Knowledge base, CRM, Call transcripts…).
  2. The agent will then scan the lead sources specific to your industry and start to suggest enriched leads with a personalized approach.
  3. In co-pilot mode, you will be able to validate the leads and approaches to train the agent and then switch to autopilot once satisfied with the lead quality.
  4. The agent will book meetings in your calendar.

Meet our team 🤝

Dan and Robin were together as Sales and Head of Outbound at Aircall from $10M to $120M ARR - they perfectly know the sales and SDR profession to reproduce best practices.

Léonard is a Data Science and AI expert and managed an engineering team of 10 people in his previous startup.

We are the right team to launch a smart AI sales agent :)

Our ask 🙏

If you're looking to create pipeline via outbound and you tick one of these boxes:

  • You are afraid of automating because the outreach or the leads would not be qualitative enough
  • You don't want to recruit a first sales before your PMF
  • You have full cycle salespeople who struggle to consistently create pipe
  • You want to test a new market
  • You think it’s too expensive to hire an SDR

Please contact us at dan@topo.io or check out topo.io.