🚀 ProSights: AI-native operating system for the modern investment firm

Re-imagining how investors do deals


ProSights is building an AI-native operating system for the modern investment firm. We use LLMs to harness all internal and external data sources to automate sourcing, diligence, and portfolio monitoring.


Investors workflows are very manual and disorganized.

Sample toolkit of investment firm

Private equity firms evaluate hundreds of deals annually, while VC firms track thousands of companies. Many investment opportunities slip through the cracks due to poor coverage.

Investment firms sit on a treasure trove of data (investor presentations, company financials, external data sources) that’s often hidden in old email threads and obscure folders. Navigating messy file drives and data sources is like finding a needle in a haystack. As a result, it’s challenging to stay up-to-date and make fully informed investment decisions.


ProSights is an AI-first operating system for investment firms. We are radically transforming manual investment software with LLMs. We scan internal and external data sources into interactive dashboards that (1) alert you about rapidly growing companies, (2) answer any question about any company, and (3) track your portfolio companies seamlessly.

Imagine you’re an investor who’s evaluating a Series E investment opportunity in Gleen, a Gen-AI based customer chatbot company. Your first step is to understand your firm’s relationship with Gleen by diving into the Activity Dashboard. Here, you see all your team’s emails, meetings, and notes.

Then, you navigate to the Intelligence Dashboard to understand Gleen’s key metrics and trends. Here, you find important documents automatically compiled from your team’s email exchanges and file drives, seamlessly hyperlinked back to their sources. You can even toggle and compare projection cases from different files.

Now, it’s time to check the Smart Actions Dashboard to see what tasks are lined up. From confirming upcoming meetings to responding to Slack messages, The Smart Actions Dashboard makes sure you never miss an assignment. Our AI chat box also answers any question related to notes, materials, and expert calls that your firm has access to.

Finally, ProSights provides deeper insights by integrating with alternative data sources to alert you when a company is taking off. You’ll be instantly notified if a company has spikes in web traffic or is on a hiring spree.


Justin and Aaron first met in the pool as nationally ranked swimmers who went on to swim at Harvard and UChicago, respectively. 8 years later, they met again as investors at Permira, a global $80B private equity firm, where they spearheaded the development of a similar data platform internally.

Howard studied CS, Engineering and Math in his undergrad and CS in his master’s at MIT. He previously worked in quant trading at Jane Street, software engineering at Apple, and research at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and MIT CSAIL. Before ProSights, Howard was pursuing his PhD in AI/ML at Princeton.




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