Keywords AI

Keywords AI - Unified DevOps platform to build AI applications

Dead simple way to deploy & monitor AI apps with 2 lines of code.

‼️ The Problem

LLM developers face many challenges that hinder the ability to quickly build and scale high-quality products that people love:

  • Time-consuming infrastructure setup and maintenance for deploying and scaling LLM applications

  • Difficulty collaborating on prompt engineering and evaluating models for specific use cases

  • Challenges monitoring and ensuring consistent performance in production for optimal user experience

  • Tedious process of creating datasets for fine-tuning and iteratively improving output quality

🌟 Our Solution

Keywords AI is built for developers. It has every feature needed to build, deploy, and scale LLM applications:

Infrastructure and Deployment

  • OpenAI-compatible integration with 2 lines of code

  • Supports 100+ LLMs with built-in load balancing, error handling, and dynamic routing

Model Playground

  • Interactive playground for comparing prompts and A/B testing different models

  • Find the best LLM for your use case through experimentation and evaluation

Prompt Management

  • Intuitive prompt management system for versioning and deploying prompts

  • Collaborative workspace for teams to share and iterate on prompts

Request Logging

  • Request logs for tracing and debugging user-model interactions

  • Automated output evaluation for detecting hallucination and other quality issues

Performance Evaluations

  • Comprehensive evaluations to compare model performance with customized metrics

  • Monitor response quality over time to build product confidence

Usage Dashboard

  • Real-time monitoring of model performance and user analytics

  • Comprehensive overview of product usage trends and user behavior

User Analytics

  • Track growth, retention, and unit economics with detailed usage analytics

  • Sentiment analysis and topic/intent classification for user insights

Data Curation and Fine-Tuning

  • Easily collect and curate production golden dataset for model optimization

  • One-click model fine-tuning for improved performance and cost savings

🤠 The Team

Andy and Raymond both studied mechanical engineering at UIUC and have been best friends since college.

Andy took a gap year to work as a product design engineer at Apple after freshman year, where he designed parts for the next-gen & next-next-next-gen AirPods. He dropped out after realizing his dream job wasn’t that fun.

Raymond is so good at learning things. He graduated with the highest honor in just three years and self-mastered software engineering within a year. He dropped his robotics PhD offers from top schools.

We’ve worked on a bunch of very bad ideas together in the past year. Now we think we've stumbled upon a good one :)

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