🧪+🤖 Scibot - AI lab assistant to accelerate your biotech R&D

Use natural language to design experiments, get at-the-bench assistance, search, discover, and analyze data.

tl;dr: Introducing Scibot, your AI Lab Assistant that supercharges biotech R&D. Simplify experiment design, get real-time insights, and streamline data management—all with natural language commands.

Problems Scientists Face:

  • Managing and integrating vast amounts of structured and unstructured lab data.
  • Spending too much time on repetitive data entry and analysis tasks.
  • Needing quick, reliable assistance while conducting experiments at the bench.
  • Difficulty in visualizing complex data relationships and generating actionable insights.

Disconnected lab data is stored across disparate systems, and it is super hard to make it AI-ready.

Solution: Scibot

Scibot - Your AI Lab Assistant to Accelerate Biotech R&D

Four years ago, we launched Scispot, the first ELN + LIMS alternative—a modern data lake that integrates both structured data (experiment metadata, instrument results) and unstructured data (lab notes, protocol deviations). Our goal: create the ultimate Lab Operating System (LOS) for biotech companies.

Now, we’re taking it a step further with Scibot. Leveraging generative AI trained on scientific data and workflows, Scibot enhances your lab operations by:

1. Create Your Unified R&D Data Model Using Labsheets: Standardize your data model based on workflows and data types. Labsheets link entities through relationships, making it easy to manage and visualize data. For instance:

  • Create a Labsheet to store and visualize LCMS data.
  • Manage cell line stocks with an inventory Labsheet.
  • Convert your notebook entries into structured data

2. Talk to Your Data: Interact with your data using natural language. Ask Scibot to summarize key findings or perform complex analyses with simple commands. For example:

  • "Summarize the key findings from samples submitted by customer ABC Biotech”
  • "Display the heat map for ADME data to identify the best hit molecules based on solubility and permeability."
  • "Summarize the key ADME properties of the top-performing compounds from my recent experiments."

3. Get At-the-Bench Assistance: Scibot offers one-click support for capturing protocol deviations, checking inventory status, tracking samples, and performing calculations—all while your hands and eyes are busy with experiments.

4. Generate Real-Time Insights: Get actionable insights to optimize experiments. Ask Scibot for recommendations based on historical data or to identify trends and patterns. For example:

  • "What are the recommended parameters for improving the yield in my protein expression experiments?"
  • "Show trends in gene expression levels from my RNA-seq data over the past six months."

The real-time insights can be saved as “widgets” so you can create your own dashboard.

5. Convert Your Google Sheets, Excel, PDFs, and Docs to Notebook Entries and Registries: Scibot integrates various data formats into your ELN and LIMS, converting data from Google Sheets, Excel files, PDFs, and Word documents into Labsheets. This centralizes and streamlines data management.

6. Maintain your security and privacy while using Scispot AI (Scibot)

  • Customer data never leaves your Scispot instance.
  • We do not train any models on customer data.
  • Scispot AI upholds all enterprise-grade security and compliance requirements while fulfilling SOC 2 and HIPAA controls.
  • Customers can choose to switch off Scispot AI functionalities in their account if they prefer not to use them.


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