🌍 Reworkd - Your new end-to-end web scraping platform

Effortlessly extract web data at scale. No code. No maintenance. No worries.

tl;dr: Reworkd automates your entire web data pipeline, end-to-end. It understands websites, writes code, runs scrapers, and validates results — all from one simple system.

😩 The Problem

Collecting, monitoring, and maintaining a web data pipeline can be complex and time-consuming, especially at scale. Traditional methods often struggle with issues such as pagination, dynamic content, bot detection, and site changes, all of which can compromise data quality and availability.

To address web data needs, businesses are often faced with either building out an internal engineering team or outsourcing to a low-cost country. The former can be expensive, while the latter is often unsustainable and requires significant management oversight.

🚀 The Solution:

Recognizing the inefficiencies of traditional data collection methods, Reworkd was developed to simplify your web data pipeline. Simply provide us with a list of websites and the schema you want the data mapped to, and we will handle the rest.

At its core, Reworkd uses LLM code generation to enable companies to rapidly scale their extraction efforts across thousands of websites. Additionally, we offer:

  • Self-Healing Scrapers: These scrapers automatically adjust to website updates to maintain data integrity.
  • Scheduling and Deduplication: This feature ensures you have a complete and current view of all websites, providing a historical perspective on data changes.
  • Automatic Proxies: With Reworkd, there’s no need to choose between residential, data center, or other proxy types—we manage this for you.
  • Complex Data Types: We take care of downloading and hosting files, ensuring data availability even as source websites evolve.

🙏 Our Ask

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