Simone Giertz on Her Robots and Returning to Work After Brain Surgery

by Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz describes herself as a maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. She’s also known as the Queen of Shitty Robots. She runs a YouTube channel about those robots and is a cohost on Tested with Adam Savage from MythBusters.

You can find her on YouTube and on Twitter @SimoneGiertz.

She also has a Patreon.


00:00 - Intro

1:10 - "Whatever feeds the ego kills the soul."

3:50 - Maintaining passion for your work

6:45 - Building a sustainable business as a creator

8:30 - Shipping a real product - The Every Day


17:30 - Being scared to step away

19:00 - Generating ideas

20:15 - Finding out she had a brain tumor, having surgery, and sharing it

25:30 - Returning to work after brain surgery

27:30 - Learnings from taking time off

28:30 - Asking for help

30:00 - Evaluating how she's spending her time

31:45 - Giving herself permission to try other things

33:50 - Challenges as a creator and entrepreneur

35:30 - Not feeling guilty about play and pursuing the things you enjoy

40:30 - Becoming less disciplined in certain areas over time

42:15 - Ali asks - How to get started when dealing with imposters syndrome?

42:35 - beep boop asks - What's your favorite robot?

43:15 - Beste asks - Are there any moments where she is bored and feels like

giving up on creating new things?

44:25 - Khawar Shehzad asks - What thing do you wish you knew when you started

your career?

45:35 - Olaf Doschke asks - What would have happened if Simone's toothbrush

helmet wouldn't have gone viral?

48:05 - Johnathan Nader asks - What is the best version of yourself?