Trevor Blackwell
  • Trevor Blackwell
  • Founder, Expert

Trevor Blackwell is a roboticist who in 2007 built the first dynamically balancing biped robot. He has published papers on congestion control in high speed wide area networks, signalling protocol architecture, and file system performance. He has a BEng from Carleton, and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

Paul Graham
  • Paul Graham
  • Founder, Retired

Paul Graham is the author of On Lisp (1993), ANSI Common Lisp (1995), and Hackers & Painters (2004). In 1995, he and Robert Morris started Viaweb, the first SaaS company, which in 1998 became Yahoo Store. In 2002 he discovered a simple spam filtering algorithm that inspired the current generation of filters. He has an AB from Cornell and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

Jessica Livingston
  • Jessica Livingston
  • Founder, Partner

Jessica Livingston was previously VP of marketing at investment bank Adams Harkness, where she managed an award-winning rebranding of the company. She is the author of Founders at Work (2007), a book of interviews with startup founders. She has a BA in English from Bucknell.

Robert Morris
  • Robert Morris
  • Founder, Retired

Robert Morris is a professor of computer science at MIT, where he is a member of the PDOS group. He has published extensively on wireless networks, distributed operating systems, and peer-to-peer applications. In 1988 his discovery of buffer overflow first brought the Internet to the attention of the general public. He has an AB and PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.


Gustaf Alstromer
  • Gustaf Alstromer
  • Partner

Gustaf Alstromer spent 4.5 years at Airbnb where he worked as a Product Lead on the Growth team, a team he helped start in 2012. Prior to Airbnb, Gustaf was Head of Growth at Voxer, and before that, he was CEO & co-founder of Heysan, which was part of the YC W07 batch.

Tim Brady
  • Tim Brady
  • Partner

Tim Brady was co-founder of Imagine K12, an edtech accelerator that merged with YC in 2016. Prior to that, Tim was Yahoo's first employee in 1995 and wrote the business plan that attracted Yahoo's first venture capital. Tim spent eight years as Yahoo's Chief Product Officer. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard.

Paul Buchheit
  • Paul Buchheit
  • Partner

Paul Buchheit is the creator of GMail. While at Google he also built the prototype for AdSense, and came up with Google's now famous slogan "Don't be evil." In 2007 he was one of the founders of Friendfeed, which in 2009 became Facebook's largest acquisition to date. He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Dalton Caldwell
  • Dalton Caldwell
  • Partner

Dalton Caldwell was the co-founder and CEO of imeem (acquired by MySpace in 2009), and the co-founder and CEO of He has a BS in Symbolic Systems and a BA in Psychology from Stanford University.

Adora Cheung
  • Adora Cheung
  • Partner

Adora Cheung was co-founder and CEO of Homejoy, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2010. Before that, she ran product at Slide. She has a bachelor's in computer science from Clemson University and is an economics PhD dropout at the University of Rochester.

Aaron Epstein
  • Aaron Epstein
  • Partner

Aaron Epstein was co-founder and CEO of Creative Market, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2010 and acquired by Autodesk in 2014. He later spun the company out as an independent startup again in 2017, and has helped generate more than $100M in sales for independent creators around the world. He also has a BS in Business from the University of Maryland.

Jared Friedman
  • Jared Friedman
  • Partner

Jared Friedman was co-founder of Scribd, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2006 and grew to be one of the top 100 sites on the web. Jared previously worked at a pioneering AI company and studied computer science at Harvard.

Anu Hariharan
  • Anu Hariharan
  • Partner

Anu Hariharan is a Partner with the YC Continuity Fund. Previously, Anu was an investment partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where she worked actively with the management teams of portfolio companies including Airbnb, Instacart, Medium, OfferUp and Udacity. Prior to this, Anu was a Principal at BCG's Private Equity Practice and was a senior software engineer at Qualcomm. Anu holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Aaron Harris
  • Aaron Harris
  • Partner

Aaron Harris was co-founder of Tutorspree, which was funded by Y Combinator in 2011. Before Tutorspree he worked at Bridgewater Associates, where he managed product and operations for an analytics group. He has an AB in History and Literature from Harvard.

Carolynn Levy
  • Carolynn Levy
  • Partner

Carolynn Levy was previously at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, where she helped hundreds of startups with legal questions. She has a BA in political science from UCLA and JD from the USF School of Law, and is a member of the State Bar of California.

Jon Levy
  • Jon Levy
  • Partner

Jon Levy previously counseled public and private technology companies as an attorney for Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati. He also ran ThinkEquity's private placement department and worked as a Managing Director at Merriman Curhan & Ford. Jon earned a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, and a B.A. in English Literature and Religious Studies from Wesleyan University.

Kat Manalac
  • Kat Manalac
  • Partner

Kat Manalac was Chief of Staff to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of reddit, before joining YC as its Director of Outreach. Prior to that, Kat was at WIRED Magazine where she managed brand and strategy. Kat has a BS in Communications from Northwestern University.

Eric Migicovsky
  • Eric Migicovsky
  • Partner

Eric Migicovsky founded Pebble Technology (YC W11), which was acquired by Fitbit in 2016. While studying engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2008, Eric began building smartwatches with a group of friends. In April 2012, Eric and his team launched Pebble on Kickstarter, where it became the most successful crowdfunded project in Kickstarter’s history. Pebble sold over 2,000,000 watches.

Kirsty Nathoo
  • Kirsty Nathoo
  • Partner

Kirsty Nathoo was previously an audit manager at PwC based in Cambridge UK, where she audited tech and biotech companies ranging from startups to public companies. She has an MEng in electrical and information sciences from Cambridge, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Harj Taggar
  • Harj Taggar
  • Partner

Harj Taggar was previously the co-founder & CEO of Triplebyte, a technical skills assessment for software engineers, funded by Y Combinator in 2015. Before that, he joined YC in 2010 as the first non-founding partner. During college he founded Auctomatic, which was funded by YC in 2007 and acquired by Live Current Media in 2008.

Geoff Ralston
  • Geoff Ralston
  • Partner

Geoff Ralston is the President of Y Combinator and has been with YC since 2011. Prior to YC, he built one of the first web mail services, RocketMail which became Yahoo Mail in 1997. While at Yahoo, Geoff worked in engineering and ran a business unit before becoming Chief Product Officer. After Yahoo, he was CEO of Lala, which was acquired in 2009 by Apple. In 2011, he cofounded Imagine K12, the first Ed Tech accelerator, which funded companies like ClassDojo and Remind, and merged with YC in 2016. He has an AB in Computer Science from Dartmouth, an MS in Computer Science from Stanford, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Ali Rowghani
  • Ali Rowghani
  • Partner

Ali Rowghani is Managing Partner of YC Continuity. Previously, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of Twitter, Inc. from 2012 to 2014 and as Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer from 2010 to 2012. For the 8 years prior to his time at Twitter, Ali served in several roles at Pixar Animation Studios, Inc., including as Chief Financial Officer and as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning. Ali holds a BA and MBA, both from Stanford University.

Michael Seibel
  • Michael Seibel
  • Partner

Michael Seibel was the co-founder and CEO and Socialcam. Socialcam sold to Autodesk in 2012 and under the leadership of Emmett Shear, became and sold to Amazon in 2014. Before getting into startups, he spent a year as the finance director for a US Senate campaign and in 2005, Michael graduated from Yale University with a BA in political science.

Visiting Partners

Nicolas Dessaigne
  • Nicolas Dessaigne
  • Visiting Partner

Nicolas Dessaigne is co-founder of Algolia (YC W14), a growth stage Search API used by millions of developers. He led the company as CEO up to 350 people before hiring a successor in 2020. He is still very involved in the success of Algolia as Board Director. Originally from France, he currently lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and 3 kids. He has a PhD in Computer Sciencefrom the University of Nantes.

Brad Flora
  • Brad Flora
  • Visiting Partner

Brad Flora was co-founder and CEO of Perfect Audience, an ad network funded by Y Combinator in 2011, acquired by Marin Software in 2014 and used by companies like Eventbrite, Atlassian and New Relic to market to more than a billion people. He is an active angel investor, occasional contributor for and lives in San Francisco with his wife and young son. He has a BA from Princeton University in English and an MS in Journalism from Northwestern.

Reshma Khilnani
  • Reshma Khilnani
  • Visiting Partner

Reshma Khilnani was co-founder and CTO of MedXT, an FDA cleared medical image management software company funded by Y Combinator in 2013, acquired by Box. She has held roles at Facebook and Microsoft, and was co-founder and co-CEO of life insurance lab testing Droplet Health (now She currently lives in San Francisco. She has a BS and MEng from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Uri Lopatin
  • Uri Lopatin
  • Visiting Partner

Uri Lopatin, MD was a co-founder and the Chief Medical Officer of Assembly Pharmaceuticals (2012) and CMO/VP R&D for Assembly Biosciences (f\k\a Ventrus Bioscience), which reverse merged with Assembly Pharmaceuticals in 2014. He has helped Assembly raise over $300M to move their first 2 generations of novel therapeutics into global phase 1 and phase 2 clinical studies. Uri has held clinical and translational science roles at Schering Plough, Roche, and Gilead Sciences. He previously received his medical training at UMDNJ-NJMS, UW, NYU and the NIH. He lives with his wife and son in San Francisco.

Surbhi Sarna
  • Surbhi Sarna
  • Visiting Partner

Surbhi Sarna was founder and CEO of nVision Medical, a medical device company dedicated to cancer detection in women. After several successful clinical trials and FDA clearance, it was acquired by Boston Scientific in 2018 for $275M. Previously, she held engineering roles at Abbott Vascular and other device start-ups, and now is an active advisor and board member. Originally from the bay area, she lives in San Francisco with her husband and two kids. She went to UC Berkeley where she earned a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and conducted extensive research in bioengineering.


Elizabeth Akman
  • Elizabeth Akman
  • Batch Director
Zain Ali
  • Zain Ali
  • Designer
Lindsay Amos
  • Lindsay Amos
  • Director of Communications
Matt Bogrand
  • Matt Bogrand
  • Associate, YC Continuity
Nicole Cadman
  • Nicole Cadman
  • Associate General Counsel
Celia Cheung
  • Celia Cheung
  • Fund Controller
Ryan Choi
  • Ryan Choi
  • Product Manager
Carolyn Conway
  • Carolyn Conway
  • Data Scientist
Kyle Corbitt
  • Kyle Corbitt
  • Director of Startup School
Nic Dardenne
  • Nic Dardenne
  • Associate, YC Continuity
Joan DeGennaro
  • Joan DeGennaro
  • Startup School Community Manager
Laura Fiuza
  • Laura Fiuza
  • Admissions Officer
Adele Gower
  • Adele Gower
  • Operations Manager
Margot Helm
  • Margot Helm
  • Executive Assistant
Bill Hopkins
  • Bill Hopkins
  • Facility Manager
Kenny Joo
  • Kenny Joo
  • Assistant Controller
Jonathan Kau
  • Jonathan Kau
  • Software Engineer
Tamanna Khemani
  • Tamanna Khemani
  • Outreach Manager
Tommy Kilmer
  • Tommy Kilmer
  • Admissions Manager
Victoria Krauchunas
  • Victoria Krauchunas
  • Admissions Manager
Ani Kochiashvili
  • Ani Kochiashvili
  • FP&A Associate
Tiffany Kosolcharoen
  • Tiffany Kosolcharoen
  • Investment Research Director - YC Continuity
Michael Lee
  • Michael Lee
  • Facilities Coordinator
Catheryn Li
  • Catheryn Li
  • Product Engineer
Matt Long
  • Matt Long
  • Software Engineer
Simon Lu
  • Simon Lu
  • Principal, YC Continuity
Irina Lukashuk
  • Irina Lukashuk
  • Fund Accounting Manager
Mia Mabanta
  • Mia Mabanta
  • Head of Research and Programs, YC Continuity
Casey Muller
  • Casey Muller
  • Software Engineer
Alex Petersen
  • Alex Petersen
  • Legal Counsel
Verena Prescher
  • Verena Prescher
  • Director of Finance
Lindsay Selvitelle
  • Lindsay Selvitelle
  • Director of Events
Stephanie Simon
  • Stephanie Simon
  • Director of Admissions
Janelle Tam
  • Janelle Tam
  • Series A Program Manager
Mark Thurman
  • Mark Thurman
  • Software Engineer
Tatyana Veremyova
  • Tatyana Veremyova
  • Controller

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