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About Y Combinator

YC helps founders launch, build, and scale the great technology companies of the next 100 years.

Since 2005, we’ve funded over 3,000 companies. Today, over a dozen YC companies are public, more than 60 are valued at over $1B, and the combined valuation of YC alumni is over $600B.

YC was designed, created, and is run by startup founders (including many YC alumni) who have built the best platform for supporting startups as they grow. Our flagship YC batch program runs twice a year. We give companies seed funding ($500,000) and work with founders intensively for 3 months.


  • Since 2005, we’ve funded over 3,000 startups
  • Y Combinator is a community of over 7,000 founders
  • Our companies have a combined valuation of over $600B