Brian Chesky

"At YC, we were challenged to do things that don't scale -- to start with the perfect experience for one person, then work backwards and scale it to 100 people who love us. This was the best piece of advice we've ever received."

Brian Chesky, Founder, Airbnb (YC W09)
Patrick Collison

"I doubt that Stripe would have worked without YC. It's that simple. Acquiring early customers, figuring out who to hire, closing deals with banks, raising money -- YC's partners were closely involved and crucially helpful."

Patrick Collison, Founder, Stripe (YC S09)
Chase Adam

"I can't imagine any startup that wouldn't benefit tremendously from Y Combinator's support. To this day, joining Y Combinator was the best decision we've made at Watsi."

Chase Adam, Founder, Watsi (YC W13)
Jessica Mah

"YC was the experience of a lifetime. I came in with a prototype and left with a real business. The PR contacts, investor relationships, and entrepreneur camaraderie helped me level up my CEO skills faster than I could have even imagined."

Jessica Mah, Founder, inDinero (YC S10)
Eric Migicovsky

"I arrived in Silicon Valley in 2011 and was instantly enveloped in the YC network. From connections to founders, mentors, investors and employees to invaluable advice from the partners, applying to YC was the single most critical decision we ever made at Pebble."

Eric Migicovsky, Founder, Pebble (YC W11)
Elizabeth Iorns

"Y Combinator was a gamechanger for us. We entered the program with an idea and, 3 months later, left as a launched company with seed funding from the best investors in Silicon Valley. The network of friends, mentors, advisors and investors that we have gained through our association with Y Combinator have provided us with incredible advice, support and introductions over the last 3 years and have been instrumental in the success Science Exchange has had to date."

Elizabeth Iorns, Founder, Science Exchange (YC S11)
Tracy Young

"YC motivated PlanGrid to focus on the single thing that mattered - building something people love and finding product market fit. Their advice helped us get over early roadblocks and PlanGrid would not exist today without YC's love, support and continued guidance."

Tracy Young, Founder, PlanGrid (YC W12)
Marc Andreessen

"Several of our best investments have come from Y Combinator. Y Combinator is the best program for creating top-end entrepreneurs that has ever existed."

Marc Andreessen, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Alfred Lin

"YC's home-brewed broth of hacking, camaraderie and experimentation is unmatched and has helped form many great companies with thriving businesses. Just ask alumni like Brian Chesky, Patrick Collison and Drew Houston among many others. It's been our privilege to partner with legendary YC founders since the program began eight years ago and we can't wait to help others too."

Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Ron Conway

"Y Combinator is the best startup accelerator in the world, and we pay close attention to their companies--many of our best investments have come through YC.  YC helps their companies a LOT, and the YC community is a huge asset for the companies that go through the program."

Ron Conway, Founder, SV Angel
Fred Wilson

"We love YC!"

Fred Wilson, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures
Satya Nadella

"It’s fantastic to see the work Y Combinator is doing to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the start-up community and Hacker News is one of my favorite sources of pointers to hackers and their hacks!"

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft
Julia Hartz

"I've been fortunate to engage with the YC community at past events over the last few years, and always walk away impressed with the passion and caliber of talent that YC brings together."

Julia Hartz, Co-Founder & President, Eventbrite
Joel Spolsky

"Y Combinator has done a remarkable job of attracting a first rate flock of smart young entrepreneurs by providing seed funding for a bunch of new startups."

Joel Spolsky, Founder, Fog Creek Software

"The opportunity is unparalleled."


"Tech incubators are hot these days. Y Combinator is the most successful of the new breed."

USA Today

"Y Combinator is a big change from the way business is usually done in tech circles."

USA Today